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Chris R
Chris R
Chris R
Chris R
Chris R

About The Experts

Chris R

Chris R

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Certifications: SCT Certified Calibrator, Dynojet Certified

I was raised by a car family. Drag racing and the Ford blue oval were always a huge part of our household. During my high school years, working on cars and participa....err watching street races probably helped further pull my focus from my priorities and I was hooked.

After high-school and before college, the hobby became serious when I went to work for a local speed shop. Within a few years, I helped build the business into a nation-wide name that focused on modifying and tuning late-model Mustangs. We equipped ourselves with a chassis dyno, lifts, mechanics and that is where I gained my SCT and Dynojet Certifications. I spent 6-7 years there, building and custom tuning in the best and most passionate automotive industry; the Mustang aftermarket. Since the move to AmericanMuscle in April of 2010, I have purchased my second Mustang a Grabber Orange 2007 GT (supercharger coming soon)!

About Chris R's mustang

Chris R's Grabber Orange '07 GT

The car is a total daily driver (and the reason I'll be sleeping on the couch...). I enjoy it every single day, whether its rush-hour traffic or an open road. Right now, as it sits, Ive got a few bolt-on performance parts and some small exterior modifications. No worries, it will become my second car soon, and I can really get cracking on some horsepower mods!
Awards & recognition
  • 2012 AmericanMuscle Calendar

    Dyno Numbers
  • 299 RWHP / 312RWTQ
  • Styling Upgrades
  • Mirror Painted Covers
  • Raxiom Tail Lights
  • GT500 Painted Spoiler
  • Shorty Antenna
  • Performance Upgrades
  • FRPP Intake Manifold
  • FRPP Throttle Body
  • Flowmaster Exhaust
  • Bama Tune / Intake
  • Future Modifications
  • Whipple Supercharger