How to Install a Fog Light Harness on your 2005-2009 Mustang V6

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 30 Minutes


2005-2009 Ford Mustang V6 Fog Light Wiring Kit

  • Wiring harness 1
  • Supplemental wire leads 2
  • Wire tap - red 2
  • Zip ties 12

Thank you for purchasing one of our products. Please familiarize yourself with the parts included as well as the instructions before attempting installation. Failure to read and follow the instructions below may result in personal injury or damage to property. Starkey Products, Inc. and our retailers assume no liability for failures to comply with guidelines and warnings outlined in this instruction manual.

This wiring harness is designed for use with an OEM Ford head1lightl fog light switch. This manual outlines installation of both the wiring harness and OEM switch. Using this wiring harness with any other type of switch is not recommended and may require modification of the wiring harness. Please note: Modification of this wiring harn􀁙ss will void your warranty with Starkey Products.

Wiring in Engine Bay:

  1. Open hood of car and make sure hood is held open securely. Turn car off and remove the key.
  2. Locate the fuse box. It is located behind the passenger side head light. Remove the access cover.
  3. .

  4. Remove the black panel which covers the radiator/grille (shown in picture 2-1). The panel is attached by 6 plastic pins. The pins are removed by prying up on center part and then prying up on the body of the pin. Save'plastic pins for re-installiater. See picture 2-2.
  5. Disconnect negative (black) battery cable from the car battery. This is done by loosening the bolt located on the side of the battery cable terminal with an 8mm socket or wrench. Pull back the cable so it will not make contact with the battery terminal. Make sure the cable has been disconnected! This is important!
  6. Connect the orange wire to the positive (+ 12 volt) power cable entering the fuse box shown in picture 2-3 below. A 10mm socket or wrench can be used to remove the bolt holding the + 12v power supply cable. A ring terminal is located at end of orange wire which will slide onto the bolts' post. Re-attach bolt tightly. While tightening be careful not to allow your wrench or ratchet to come in contact with any other metal object such as the car body.
  7. Re-install the fuse box cover.