Chrome Mustang GT Logo Surrounds (05-10) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 5 Mins


  1. Use the included alcohol swab to clean the surface where the trim will adhere to the surface of the car.

    GT Logo Surrounds 0510 1

  2. Completely remove all of the 3M bonding tape from the back of the Logo Surround.

    GT Logo Surrounds 0510 1

  3. After the tape backing is removed, carefully line up the Logo Surround

    GT Logo Surrounds 0510 3

  4. Firmly press down on the surround to adhere it to the car.

    GT Logo Surrounds 0510 4

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of the car. Enjoy your new Chrome Mustang GT Logo Surrounds!

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer.

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