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How to Install a Billet Grille for a 1994-1998 Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Small Socket and Wrench Set
  • Small Philips Screwdriver
  • Needlenose Pilers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Optional Tools:
  • Droplight or Other Portable Lighting Source
  • Jack and Jackstands (or safe alternative)
  • Electrical Tape
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1. If your car's setup prevents you from accessing the rear of the lower grille, use your preferred method for raising the front of your car to gain access.

2. An additional set of hands will be very useful for this installation. Center the grille insert in the bumper opening. Note that you may need to bend the billet bars slightly to align with your particular car's fit.

3. From the back of the grille, slide the two provided clips over the back of the upper lip of the lower grille opening. Space them about 1/3 of the way between the edge of the opening and the center bar.

4. Center your grille. Have your assistant hold the grille in place. From the back of the grille, thread the two provided wires through the clips and then back through the front of the grille, wrapping them around the side bars of the grille.

5. Twist the wires until the grille is held securely in place. Trim excess wire with the wire cutters and wrap the ends of the wires in electrical tape to prevent scratching your paint.

6. Check to make sure your grille is centered.

7. Congratulations, you're finished. Enjoy your new billet grille from Stack Racing.

94-98 Upper Billet Grille (Pony) Installation

1. Remove the engine shroud. Release the clips holding the shroud in place.

2. To remove the pony and it's bracket, simply unscrew the 2 Philips head screws that are holding it to the vehicle.

3. Set your pony and bracket face-down on a clean, dry surface. To separate the pony from the bracket, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the round retainer-style clips off the back of the pony off the plastic prongs. If it will not easily release, you may also use a needle nose pliers to twist, pull, and gently break the 4 plastic prongs that are held onto the back of the bracket with the round retainer-style clips. This will allow you to separate your stock pony from the bracket.

4. To secure your pony to your new grille, apply a generous layer of silicone (or your preferred adhesive) to the back of your pony and center the pony in your grille's recessed opening. All to cure for at least several Hrs before continuing with installation.

5. Center your grille in your hood opening by inserting it so that the brackets are below the factory plastic grille shell. Have your assistant hold it in place while you secure it using the enclosed hardware.

6. You're finished. Enjoy your new billet grille from Stack Racing.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and Submodels: Cobra, V6, GT

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