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Mustang Upper Billet Grille ('05-'09 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Small Socket and Wrench Set
  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Drill 3/16" Fiberglass Bit
  • Droplight/Portable Lighting Source (optional)


1. Use the small flat screwdriver to remove the plastic push in fasteners (clips) that hold the plastic radiator shroud in place. To remove the clips, insert the screwdriver in the flattened area of the clip and firmly but gently push straight up.

2. Remove the shroud to gain access to the back of the factory grille.

3. OPTIONAL: If you have a new grille without a pony cutout, you may want to remove your factory pony or paint it black to prevent it from showing through your new billet grille. Note that this is not necessary for installation. To do this, remove your factory grille. Begin by releasing the 2 screws on top. Remove the factory honeycomb by releasing the clips holding it in place. Finally, to remove the pony from the grille, use a flathead to pry loose the retaining clips at the back of the pony emblem. If they don't release easily, you may also use a pair of pliers to twist off the retainer clips on the back of pony emblem (they should break off by twisting and pulling at the same time.) Once the pony is removed, reinstall the black factory honeycomb by simply fastening it back in place.

4. Place the center billet grille piece on the vehicle. (An extra set of hands and eyes may prove useful here.) Center the grille and have your assistant hold it in place. Slide the supplied bolts into the 4 tabs on the grille and slide them through the factory grille, insuring your new grille is centered with the positioning of the screws.

5. Secure your new billet grille to your factory honeycomb with the supplied hardware. An extra set of hands might prove useful to hold the grille in place.

6. For those side grille panels, you will have to drill pilot holes. Note that these pieces are not symmetrical and will only fit in 1 direction. See image below.

7. Have your assistant hold the pieces in place while you mark the location of the bracket holes with a sharp scribe, metallic marker, nail polish, or using any other marking method. Remove the pieces and set them aside.

8. Using a 3/16" Drill Bit, drill 4 pilot holes for the bolts (2 on each side of each fog lamp). Be very careful not to damage anything inside your engine bay while drilling.

9. Have your assistant hold the foglight pieces back up against the vehicle and secure them with the provided hardware.

10. Replace the radiator shroud with the clips you removed in Step 1.

11. You've finished! Enjoy your new billet grille from Stack Racing.

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer

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