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Pypes True Dual Exhaust (05-10 V6)

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  • True Dual Exhaust for a V6
  • Includes X-Pipe and Cat-Back
  • 2.5" 409 Stainless Steel Mandrel-Bent Tubing
  • 4" Polished Stainless Steel Tips
  • Reuses Stock Catalytic Converters
  • Fits 2005-2010 V6 Mustangs
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True Dual Exhaust. Now you can easily convert your V6 Pony to a true dual exhaust with the Pypes Dual Pipe Conversion Kit. This system includes both the X-Pipe and Cat-Back needed to give your Mustang an impressive throaty V8 sound and increase in rear wheel horsepower.

Compatible With Stock Cats. The installation of this Pypes Dual Pipe Conversion Kit requires cutting the factory Y-pipe and reuses the stock catalytic converters to save you money.

Quality Materials. Both the X-Pipe and Cat-Back are constructed from mandrel bent 2.5" 409 stainless steel. The X-Pipe features welded reinforcement plates for additional strength and the Dual Cat-Back features Pypes Violator 3-chamber mufflers for an aggressive throaty sound. With its 4" Polished 304 stainless steel tips this system not only sounds great, but it looks great too.

Application. This Pypes Dual Pipe Cat-Back Conversion Kit is designed to fit all 2005 to 2010 4.0L V6 Ford Mustangs. Reuses the stock Catalytic Converters.

Technical Note: This Pypes kit attaches after your factory catalytic converters to convert your single exhaust to a true dual exhaust from the cats back. Includes the template for cutting out the 2nd exhaust tip in the 05-10 V6 factory rear bumper.

Fitment: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Details

What's in the Box
Hardware included:
  • (1) X-Pipe
  • (1) Dual Cat-Back w/ Violator 3-chamber mufflers
  • (2) 2 1/4"" Band clamps
  • (2) 2 1/2"" Band clamp butt connectors
  • (2) Muffler Hangers w/ hardware
  • Template for 2nd exhaust cutout
  • Instructions
Installation Info
Tech Specs
Cat-Back Exhaust Specifications
Piping Material: 409 Stainless Steel Tip Material : Polished 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Size: 2.5" Tip Size: 4"
Muffler Type: Chambered Fitment: 2005-2010 V6 Mustangs
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • V6 - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10

Most Helpful Reviews

Excellent add on!!

Very easy to install. The sound is just awesome! I have the Rouch valance and the look is great. Only one Snag, Maybe just on mine but I had to tap threads into the frame point to install the second muffler ...

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Helpful (4)

Good for the price

Took about an hour and a half to install using simple hand tools. The directions in the kit kinda suck so I just went for it without them, It's all straight forward anyways. It was a good fit and sounds ...

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Helpful (1)

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Review & Install Video

Hi I’m Justin with, and I’m this is our breakdown of Pypes’ true dual exhaust system for the 2005-2010 V6 Mustang. This kit from Pypes contains everything you need to convert your single exhaust V6, into a true dual system whilst still maintaining your factory cats. This kit includes a brand new X-pipe, all your piping, and these Pypes street pro 3 chambered mufflers, which give your V6 a deep rumble at idle and while on the throttle. The entire system is constructed from 3.5” mandrel bent tubing, and is finished off with these dual 4” polished tips, embossed with that Pypes logo. Since this car was not set up for dual exhaust from the factory, the install is a little more in depth. For one, you will need to cut your factory Y-pipe just after the cats using a saw or something similar. Second, you will need to make a second exhaust cutout using the supplied template included with the kit. Getting all this done and getting the exhaust bolted up should only take about 3 hours start to finish. While we’re on the topic of installation, we’re going to use our stainless steel exhaust hanger kit, which should really make the installation of our Pypes kit much easier on our V6. We strongly recommend using this kit on the install of your true dual system. Now let’s hear how Pypes true dual exhaust system sounds compared to our factory exhaust.

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22 Questions / 7 Answers

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Will this work w/ GT500 rear diffuser? Thinking of getting this for my '10 v6 but also interested in coupling it with this diffuser. Will I have any fitment issues?


  • This is what i did to my 05 and it worked great. I just should have bought the rear bumper cover pre-painted and saved myself two weeks without my car because i took it to a shop. I had the exhaust system done for $250 and it took about 1hour. The exhaust has bends that allow for some adjustment so i think if you have the diffuser in place before you can make everything line up. Hope this helps, get ready for some fun your pony will never be the same:)


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Aftermarket exhaust parts I was wondering, if I get the Pypes True Dual Exhaust kit, could I later install the Pypes Off-Road X-Pipe and the Pypes Muffler-Delete Axle-Back Exhaust, even though they both say its for the GT?


  • The reason that they say it is for the GT is because the GT comes stock with a dual exhaust. If you upgrade your V6 with a true dual exhaust, then any of the GT exhaust parts from the Catalytic Converters back should fit on your car, even though it is a V6.


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Show 1 more answer Answer This Question I need this answered (4) (0)

How much horsepower does this really add


  • Some say 10-15 maybe. Coming from V6's single exhaust it WILL with out a doubt, add HP/TQ. It's a given. all kits add about the same depending on the transition pipes 'n what not. Like an H pipe wont give you as much as an X pipe. If you have a tune, you will get more along the lines of 15-20. 20's pushin it though. Or, if you have a wireless ITSX tuner like myself. You can simply find a straight away and see for your self! You can find that here on AM as well.


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Customer Reviews (100+) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.5

out of 5 stars

Installation Time:Full Day

Installation Cost:$100-$250

  • Loudness / Volume 4.376623 4.4
  • Exhaust Note 4.423077 4.4
  • Fit & Finish 4.051948 4.1
  • Bang For Your Buck 4.358974 4.4

  • 4/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    February 26, 2012

    Good for the price

    Took about an hour and a half to install using simple hand tools. The directions in the kit kinda suck so I just went for it without them, It's all straight forward anyways. It was a good fit and sounds good.


    Year: 2007 Model: V6 Driving Style: Race 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Round Rock, TX

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    November 19, 2010

    Excellent add on!!

    Very easy to install. The sound is just awesome! I have the Rouch valance and the look is great. Only one Snag, Maybe just on mine but I had to tap threads into the frame point to install the second muffler brackets. Ford has the holes there but they are not threaded. no big deal but cost me a a lot of time. If not for that I would have started and finished in an hour. I was in a garage on a lift and thats the only way to go.


    Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (4) (0)

  • 5/5

    June 03, 2010

    Happy Stang

    Look and sound excellent. A little bit of a tight fit, but easy to install.


    Helpful (9) (1)

  • 5/5

    July 09, 2010

    Video review

    want to hear this exhaust in action, check out this youtube video - has drive bys and revs.

    Anthony C

    Helpful (91) (6)

  • 5/5

    October 22, 2007


    I ordered this, and it arrived in short order. Got it bolted up on my 07 (only had a minor line up issue), and it sounds great. Nice, deep rumble at idle, not loud in the cabin, and gives a throaty roar at take off, and a good, muscular sound when accelerating from a rolling start. Over all an excelent buy for a V6. Looks great, too.


    Year: 2007 Model: V6

    Helpful (52) (1)

  • 5/5

    February 17, 2011

    Awesome Exhaust, annoying installation

    This exhaust was the biggest pain to install. I had no idea it would be this difficult. You absolutely have to have a lift, there's really no other way. On my 2006, the holes had the nuts for the muffler hangars welded in, but they weren't threaded. Just use the screws that come in the box, place them correctly, and screw them in without the threads. This effectively threads the nuts. Cutting the old y pipe off almost made me piss myself. I used a saws-all, and broke both of my blades. I figured out you can use a clamp and a hammer to give those things a second and third chance though. Careful of the floor board when you're cutting also. Getting the new x pipe on is also a pain, and DO NOT use the bumper cutout template that comes with the exhaust. I used it and cut the hole way too far to the left. Place your exhaust on your car, and then make the bumper cut where you need to. Drive the car for a day or two, then lift it again and fix any leaks. Make sure the mid-pipes aren't touching anything because they make an obnoxious grinding noise when they hit something. I didn't hear any of the droning that people have complained about at 2000 rpm, but if you hear it, get a cold air intake. This drone is caused by the car not having enough air going into it through the stock air box to complement the exhaust. My friend has super 44's on his with a stock air box, and mine sounds twice as good because I have a K&N CAI. This provided a small torque boost, but I haven't been able to test if it raised the top speed (previously 126 with SCT tune and K&N CAI), so who knows about horsepower. It sounds amazing though. I recommend this for any v6 owner. It's not obnoxiously loud or ricey, and it's a great price


    Year: 2006 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (24) (0)

  • 5/5

    February 18, 2010

    Pypes V6er

    I have bought thousand of dollars of stuff off this site and this product now is perfect. the price is awesome and i had almsot no issue with install since i took it to shop, it now comes with the hangers which were before missing, and the fitment is nice. The driverside issue everyone keeps talking about litterally was salved with a clenched fist. Welded it onto my car since i was missing a clamp but it sounds even better. this is a nice, TRUE duel exhaust kit. the sound at 2k rpm.. everyone complains but its really just a sweet spot. when the car really sounds like its opening up. The tips are ncie and i cut the bumper myself with a hand saw after i made a template out of cardboard... really easy, really nice, look for my pics of silver stand with black side and back stripes and blackout pannel!!!


    Helpful (31) (3)

  • 3/5

    March 15, 2011


    Had this system professionally installed yesterday. When I first started the car the system sounded sweet and looked great. Then I drove the car on the highway and when I hit 1,600 rpm's the droning started. the droning is deafening. There is no way it is tolerable. One reveiw suggested that a CAI would solve the problem but, I installed a BBK CAI that I had also purchased when I got home with no change to the drone. I e-mailed Pypes tech people this morning looking for a cure and was told that the drone is caused by the automatic transmission and there is nothing I can do about it. If the drone is caused by the transmission why was there no drone before at that rpm. I feel like Pypes is blowing smoke up my pipe.


    Year: 2008 Model: V6 Driving Style: Show

    Helpful (5) (2)

  • 4/5

    July 17, 2010

    Pypes Kit review

    This kit is a great way to get your V6 sounding mean and give you a little extra power and MPG. The only bad things in my experience with it were the splice in design of the x-pipe makes for a difficult install, even on ramps. We had a hard time getting the sawzall to cut completely through the stock pipe because there just isn't enough room under the car. Also, my left hand catback pipe cracked along the weld where the muffler connects, so you have to question the quality of the weld. Pypes did send me a replacement pipe, though, no cost to me, and I didn't have to send my cracked pipe back.

    Michael S

    Helpful (22) (3)

  • 5/5

    January 16, 2011

    Loud V6 Mustang

    Likes: Stainless Steel Exhaust Pypes Quality Loud exhaust Gives me compliments on a daily basis :D Dislikes: Poor instruction (Print them off of American Muscle, then you should be ok) Did not include rear bumper cutout template(Go to Pypes website and you will find it, print it, you will need it if you have a 2005-2009)


    Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (14) (2)

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