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Raxiom Map Light LED Conversion Kit (05-14 All)

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Features, Video & Details

  • Improves Lighting and Appearance
  • Power Saving 5050 SMD Technology
  • Bright White Color
  • 5-LED T10 Style Wedge Base Light Bulb
  • Kit Includes 2 LED Bulbs
  • Fits All 2005 to 2014 Mustangs

Review & Installation Video

Review & Install Video

Hey I’m Justin with, here with a small and relatively inexpensive way to update and improve the interior lighting of your 2005 and newer Mustang, thanks to Raxiom’s LED map light conversion kit. Whether small interior lighting like this map light conversion kit, or a brand new set of LED headlights, Raxiom is your one stop shop for cool aftermarket lighting for your Mustang, all backed by a 2 year warranty. With the addition of the very cool ambient lighting package and the my color feature with the S197, it kind of makes you wonder why Ford didn’t go the extra mile, and change out all the smaller bulbs like these map lights to a more modern LED setup. Well, now thanks to Raxiom, you can bring the rest of your interior lighting into the 21st century, with the addition of their conversion kit. This kit consists of these two T10 style wedge bulbs, that are equipped with 5 bright white LEDs. These LEDs put off more of a modern bluish or whitish glow, as opposed to the dull, dim yellow light of the factory incandescent bulbs. Not only does this look a million times better, but the difference in light output is actually very impressive. Since this kit does utilize the fac6tory style T10 bulb, the installation is as easy as it gets, simply ply down the map light housing first from the roof gently, unplug the connector, and swap the bulbs. Getting everything done should only take you about 15 minutes from start to finish, using nothing but your own two hands. So if you’re looking to finish what Ford started in regards to modern interior lighting, then picking up one of these LED map light conversion kits from Raxiom should be at the top of your list.

Improves Lighting And Appearance. Improve the appearance and lighting of your Mustangs interior by installing a Raxiom Map Light LED Conversion Kit. This conversion kit replaces those weak incandescent factory bulbs with super bright white LED's, to light the dark.

Power Saving 5050 SMD Technology. The bulbs included in this Raxiom LED Conversion Kit utilize 3-chip 5050 SMD technology to produce super bright light while only consuming 1/10th of the power of the factory incandescent bulb. These LED bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours of continuous use.

Application. This Raxiom Map Light LED Conversion Kit is specifically designed for use on the 2005 to 2014 Ford Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Bullitt, BOSS, and Shelby GT500 models.

Technical Note. Some minimal trimming of the map light housing may be required for proper fitment.

Fitment: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

What's in the Box
  • (2) T10 Style LED Bulbs
Installation Info
Tech Specs
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • Boss 302 - 12, 13
  • V6 - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Bullitt - 08, 09
  • GT - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • GT500 - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

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Most Helpful Reviews

Bright! Easy Installation!

Having never taken my dome light apart I used a small flathead screwdriver to help pry loose the two snap clips on the left and right side of my dome light housing. I am happy with this purchase!

Helpful (1)

Very Bright!

My 16 year old daughter installed these on my 2008 Convertible. The LED bulbs were a bit larger than the factory opening due to the squared shape. She used a fingernail file on the openings for about 3 ...

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Helpful (2)

Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
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11 Questions / 19 Answers

Ask a Question

Do These LEDs Dim When Shutting Off? The conventional OEM bulbs dim gradually when shutting off. That's a nice feature, I think. Do these LEDs perform the same?


Helpful (12)
  • They do. They behave the same way as the incandescent bulbs.


Show 5 more answers

Are these a direct replacement install? Is the only thing you need are the LED bulbs to replace the map lights?


Helpful (9)
  • Yes...a direct replacement. take your time removing the map light unit from the ceiling. it is attached very well..but snaps out, just takes some careful oomph to remove. then unplug the power connection and allow factory bulbs to cool as they will be extremely hot to touch.


Show 7 more answers

I have a 2014 GT Convertible, and the button to lower/raise the top is in that same upper box. Do you know if that complicates things, or if a different method is maybe needed to dislocate the box from the housing?


Helpful (0)
  • The fact that the button is right there doesn't mean anything. The installation will be no different regardless if it is a convertible or coupe.


Anybody else have an issue with them not working when you open the doors? With the door open I installed the new bulbs in the housing, plugged the harness back in and the lights were on then shutoff with the door still open. Now they work with the push buttons but nothing with the door.


Helpful (0)
  • It seems like you may be having an electrical connection issue. The Raxiom Map Light LED Conversion Kit (05-14 All) should act just like your normal map light bulbs did, just with a white glow. Possibly try to install your stock bulbs again and see if the issue still occurs with them. If you are still having issues, please follow the link below to get in contact with one of our Mustang Experts directly!


Do these bulbs fit the 2015 mustang ecoboost?


Helpful (0)
  • If your old bulbs are the 194 type, then these LED bulbs will work nicely. Some times there might be a clearance issue, but I have only seen that in rare cases. You'll love the brighter white light thses give off. Remember also the LED bulbs are polarized, so if they don't light up plugged in one way turn them around and try again.


Is the removal of the map light housing more complicated in convertibles? I have a 2013 V6 Premium Convertible, I have been pulling down hard on that housing and have not been able to get it off. I was wondering if what may be making it more difficult is the control for the power roof. Would I be better off trying to pop out the lenses or should it be safe to just pry it off?


Helpful (0)
  • Pull from the back of the housing I have a convertible too it's easier that way


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Customer Reviews (100+) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.8

out of 5 stars

  • 1/5

    February 19, 2017

    Disco lights

    Loved the color and brigbtness of these leds, BUT one of them started flickering right away [thought it was a loose connection and waited too long for warranty] and then the second one started flickering approximately 2 years later. At this cost I think they are junk. Ive had incandescent last for "seems like fore ever" Furthermore, I believe the warranty is only 90 days. Go figure...


    Year: 2011 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 2/5

    February 07, 2017

    Needs better quality control.

    Package arrived promptly, and well protected. Install was not ideal, was forced to use dremel to get bulbs to fit the hole. The bulbs proved to be nice and bright once installed, but after only a month, one of the bulbs flickers if the interior lights are on for more than a few seconds. Kinda disappointed in this product that cost 30 bones. It's just a few led's soldered together. Looking to rma without losing my map lights, as I purchased these to replace a burnt out bulb to begin with.


    Year: 2013 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 2/5

    February 02, 2017

    LED lights

    Definitely better than the factory bulbs but 1 was defective on arrival. Hopefully the new set actually works


    Year: 2013 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    December 30, 2016

    Look great... while they work

    Bought these lights and installed them in about 20 minutes. Worked great for the first year, then one started to flicker. Now 2 years later I have to replace them both because they either flicker or just don't work. My car has been stored and not used about 14 months out of those two years. Unfortunate that they couldn't live up to their 100,000 hour claim.


    Year: 2014 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    December 12, 2016

    Good Color but DOESN'T Fit

    The lights worked well and the brightness and color are great. But they do not fit in the factory holes without modification. I used a dremel tool and sanding wheel to just make the bulb hole a little bigger and they worked great after that. Also you have to put the bulb in the right way for it to work so test before you put it all back together.


    Year: 2012 Submodel: GT500

    Helpful (1)

  • 1/5

    September 15, 2016

    Bad Product

    Received one bulb that was completely non-functioning.


    Year: 2005 Submodel: V6

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    August 24, 2016

    Short life

    Ok, so for the first year these were great...however (gasp) on each bulb one of the LEDs became strobe lights flickering on and off. debating whether to put the old bulbs back in or hanging a small mirror ball off the rear view and turn the interior into a disco. But seriously, less then a year mine became strobes and very annoying.


    Year: 2013 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 2/5

    July 27, 2016

    Didnt fit too well

    The lights are very bright but I needed to pry back the plastic in order to get the bulbs to fit. You need to be carful a so you don't ruin the LEDs.


    Year: 2005 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    June 06, 2016

    SUPER BRIGHT bulbs are to big to just slide into the housing

    Had another company's LED's before and one burned out after just a few months. Now these are built like a TANK! only problem was I had to modify the light housing like other people stated as the bulbs are to large for the opening. just to a file to the hole and made it a little bigger and was good to go. Warning you may need sunglasses at night when you open you door because these things are BRIGHT!!!


    Year: 2014 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 2/5

    May 03, 2016

    Lights are great but fail early

    The lights were easy to install and looked great, but i had a failure just after 2 years, but i only put 1500 miles a year on my Mustang and it's off the road for the Winter. So the light failure was after very few hours of use.


    Year: 2011 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    May 02, 2016

    Nice, but not overly impressed with the quality

    Bought these and the license plate bulbs as well. They look great....however, one of the license plate bulbs went out within the first couple of months. Now, at about the 2 year mark (need to check warranty) one of the map lights have blown. Really do like the look and the extra bright lighting, but for LEDs they really don't last very long


    Year: 2011 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    March 15, 2016

    Does not fit 05 premium without modification

    They work great and are worth the money, but they did not fit into the housing without trimming the housing a little bit.


    Year: 2005 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 1/5

    March 09, 2016


    Honestly I am incredibly disappointed with these lights. Firstly, let me make it perfectly clear that AM had nothing to do with it and their customer service was amazing in first replacing, and then refunding my purchase. I purchased these to go in my 05 for a more modern looking interior and... well... when one of them did work, the light was beautiful. Unfortunately, my first set did not work at all, and my second set only had one functioning bulb. While I loved the way they look on, it really is not worth the hassle trying to get a working set. AM did not make me return the defective product which I appreciated, but over all none of it was worth the install time, even if it only took a few minutes.


    Year: 2005 Submodel: V6

    Helpful (1)

  • 1/5

    February 20, 2016

    Bulbs don't fit through the housing

    Bulbs are way too big for the size of the hole through the housing. You'd almost need to dremel the housing or really freaking force these through.


    Year: 2014 Submodel: GT

    Helpful (1)

  • 1/5

    January 30, 2016

    map light

    I purchased these lights, put them in my car. One wouldn't work at all, and the other one wold flash on and off if I wiggled it. And now neither one of them will work. Total waste of my time, and money. I will never buy anything like this again.


    Year: 2008 Submodel: GT Brandon, SD

    Helpful (1)

  • 3/5

    October 01, 2015

    Definitely brighter than stock. The "kit" is two, rather overpriced, led bulbs only.

    Brighter than stock lighting. Easy install. Overpriced. Kit I simply and only 2 bulbs. Should be half of the $30 price!!


    Year: 2012 Submodel: V6 Danbury, CT

    Helpful (1)

  • 1/5

    September 28, 2015

    Map light led conversion

    I have been through two sets of these within a 1.5 year period. The first set started to blink/ strobe when turned on, so I replaced them. The second set burst into pieces and was rattling inside the light housing. My car is garage kept and climate controlled, no reason for this to happen. DO NOT BUY.


    Year: 2013 Submodel: GT Baltimore, MD

    Helpful (1)

  • 5/5

    July 12, 2013

    Very Bright!

    My 16 year old daughter installed these on my 2008 Convertible. The LED bulbs were a bit larger than the factory opening due to the squared shape. She used a fingernail file on the openings for about 3 minutes and the LEDs fit great. She is having a blast installing all of my add on parts and gaining a lot of confidence.


    Year: 2008 Submodel: V6 Georgia, USA

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    June 18, 2013

    Well worth the money

    Great upgrade! Now, it like opening up your fridge in the middle of the night!!! You can read, find things in the glove box, work on your tan or reheat food with the lights. They rock!


    Year: 2014 Submodel: V6 Jacksonville, FL, USA

    Helpful (2)

  • 5/5

    May 05, 2013

    Big difference

    Very easy to install,hard to tell during the day time. But at night what a difference these little babies make. Cant go wrong buying these.


    Year: 2010 Submodel: GT Tonawanda, NY, USA

    Helpful (1)

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