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Smoked Headlights - CCFL Halo (05-09 GT, V6)

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  • Stealthy Black Housings with Smoked Lenses
  • CCFL Accent Halos
  • Standard bulbs included
  • Sold as a two piece set
  • DOT approved under compliance# QR1200109
  • Fits all 2005-2009 GT and V6 Mustangs
Stealthy Styling. These Smoked Mustang Headlights have a stealthy modern design that flow nicely into the lines of the 2005 to 2009 S197 Mustangs.

Improves Visibility. Now you can improve your night visibility just by replacing your old weathered and worn out stock headlights with a brand new set of headlights from AmericanMuscle. The Halo's use state of the art Cold Cathode Lighting "CCFL" for short to give an exotic flair to your mustang that sets it apart from the rest of the herd.

DOT Approved. Equipped with dual element H13 bulbs for high/low beams this pair of Mustang Headlights are DOT (Department of Transportation) approved for legal street use under compliance # QR1200109.

Application. These Smoked Headlights with CCFL Halos are designed to fit the 2005 to 2009 V6, GT, and Bullitt model Mustangs.

Bulb application. These Headlights include dual element H13 bulbs for high/low beams. American Muscle recommends high quality H13 replacement bulbs from Raxiom and Sylvania. See the drop down menu option above to select a new set of bulbs to go with your new headlights.

Technical Note. Not intended for use with vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Lights.

Mustang Fitment: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Details

What's in the Box
  • (1) Left Headlight Housing
  • (1) Right Headlight Housing
  • (2) H13 Bulbs
Installation Info
  • Bullitt - 08, 09
  • V6 - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
  • GT - 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

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Overall Rating 4.3/5 Write a Review

Top 250 Contributor

BULB REVIEW: Want smoked with halos? Get HID's as well.

Alright the great thing about this product is that it simply looks amazing. The pictures don't do them any justice. If you want a smoked appearance and don't want the projectors or anything that messes

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Helpful (23) (3)

These are sic

I bought these back in July 2009, I was turning heads, people staring at them at the red light. They are getting more popular though. I see other aftermarket designs with smaller halos. I wanted the

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Helpful (12) (1)


Hey what’s up everyone Justin with here checking out these smoked halo headlights for all 05-09 Mustangs. These headlights are a great way to freshen up the front end of your S197 Mustang View Full Transcript

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Q & A (11 Questions, 9 Answers) Ask a Question

White or Blue? So many of the consumer pics show these (this question applies to the CCFL fog lights, too) as glowing white, and some(like your video) show blue. so what are they really? I'm hoping white.... Thanks

DanGT Year: 2005 Model: GT

Question Resolved
Good Question (1) (1)
  • They are white. It has a hair of blue-ish look at certain lighting however it is definitely a noticeable white.

    Helpful (3) (0)

    Best Answer

    jonnyb8891 Year: 2007 Model: V6

    Top 25 Contributor

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Will HID's work with these? Can I safely use an HID Kit in these headlight housing without damaging them?

Jay92 Year: 2009 Model: GT

Question Resolved
Good Question (0) (0)
  • I've had them for a few months without problems, and I have a very powerful and somewhat expensive kit ($200+). You need a very bright lights for these smoked housings.

    Helpful (1) (0)

    Best Answer

    Matermine Year: 2007 Model: GT

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Where can I find halo's for my V6 pony package fog lights? Are my fog lights the same as a GT?

MikeyThaKid Year: 2007 Model: V6

Question Resolved
Good Question (0) (0)
  • You won't be able to find halo lights for the pony package fog lights. The only thing you can do is to order a gt style upper grille, the wiring harnes and the halo fog lights. Which is all available here on AM.

    Helpful (0) (0)

    MustangFan87 Year: 2008 Model: GT

    Top 250 Contributor

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99 Customers Recommend this Product

Installation Time:Afternoon

Installation Cost:0-$100

  • Visibility: 3.268817 3.3/5
  • Fit: 4.638298 4.6/5
  • Appearance: 4.861702 4.9/5
  • Bang For Your Buck: 4.236559 4.2/5
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  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    January 12, 2012

    BULB REVIEW: Want smoked with halos? Get HID's as well.

    Alright the great thing about this product is that it simply looks amazing. The pictures don't do them any justice. If you want a smoked appearance and don't want the projectors or anything that messes with the appearance of the stang's stock headlights then you should not hesitate to get these. They are a good fit with no problems during install. The one bad thing about these headlights is that they shipped without the "included" wire quick splices. Not a problem if you have some anyway, but none came with mine. It's the first time I didn't get a full kit from AM, and it might not have been their fault since these lights were pretty heavily packaged. Now on to the bulbs: I wish someone would have reviewed the bulbs before I bought these headlights, so I am passing this favor forward. I have tested these headlamps with the tint they come with on 3 sets of bulbs: Stock 2005 headlamps, stock replacement included in the kit for no charge, and the RAXION H13 white upgrade bulbs for an additional $30. bucks. First off the 2 sets of stock type bulbs showed noticeable dimming through the tint and the color of both were yellow standard so it didn't look great either. The RAXION H13 had a much better appearance but showed only a slight improvement on the 2 sets of stock type bulbs. With that said I have cars coming up behind me and I can clearly see the shadow of my car in front of me in MY headlight area. The simple solution to see as well and better than stock bulbs on non-tinted headlights is to get the HID kit American Muscle sales. I will be getting that soon myself. It's very simple, these headlamps are not as bright as stock lamps even with the upgraded bulbs on standard beams. (can't ride on high beams all the time) So if you do any kind of night driving it would be worth the money to get an HID kit, and while you need to remove the bumper to put these lights in. might as well put HID's in too. PS: The install video isn't bad, but you might have to remove 2 push plastic top anchor pins in the fender well. They don't have them on newer (07-09 I think) but my 05 took me an extra 45mins to deal with the little buggers...... Install time 3 hours including minutes of fighting with fender well push pins. Bumper removal wasn't bad. The entire install can be done in just under 2 hours.

    Top 250 Contributor


    Year: 2005 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2

    Helpful (23) (3)

    • Response from AmericanMuscle

      Just wanted to note that we currently do not sell any HID kits. You could use an HID kit along with these headlights without a doubt, but unfortunately we do not carry them at this time.

      Lisa , Content Specialist

  • 4/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    December 06, 2010

    Look awesome but...

    I bought them, installed them myself, and they look awesome! You almost have to get HID's because the yellowish light of factory bulb looks terrible compared to the hard white light of the halo. Now for the but... They don't show up at all during the day. Not a big deal. What is a big deal is after a year and a half water started getting into the headlight. I didn't take care of right away and now one of the halo's doesn't work any more. I will be buying another set of lights and I will be doing additional sealing with silicon rtv this time.


    Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (12) (1)

  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    February 02, 2010

    These are sic

    I bought these back in July 2009, I was turning heads, people staring at them at the red light. They are getting more popular though. I see other aftermarket designs with smaller halos. I wanted the stock look though. Easy install. Take the front bumper off, wheel well shields off, then wire the halos into the parking lights. I used a wire tester found the positive and negative on 12v and was good to go. Def. a great deal and changes the whole look of your car.


    Helpful (12) (1)

  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    September 19, 2011

    Amazing Lights!

    Took me and my dad about 3 hours to install these guys. The lights did not come with any instructions at all and the instructions on AM's website were not very helpful. Installation thankfully is pretty straight forward. It is waaaayyy easier to take the front fascia off. You just have to find out which wire powers the parking lights and tap into that one with the red wire from the lights. Then black goes with black. Overall, installation was not too difficult and the product is exactly what I wanted! Doesn't dim your actual headlights too much either! I definitely recommend this product to anyone trying to update their ride's look!


    Year: 2006 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Salem, OR

    Helpful (12) (2)

  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    November 09, 2009

    bad install video

    absolutely luv the look. with smoked fog light covers it looks bad. BUT, the install instructions are not very good. First, i googled other videos after spending an hour trying to get old lights out. it is MUCH faster to just take bumper off. also the instructions on web site was not clear on the wiring of halo. had to spend another $26 on hanes book to figure our wiring harness for turn signals. lights themselves came with NO instructions.

    aaron slater

    Helpful (13) (4)

  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    May 02, 2011


    Had these lights proffesionaly installed. They look amazing when on. Change the whole look of the front of the car and give the car a mean look. People have said it looks like eyes. Even during the day time the halo lights look good. Make sure you buy different bulbs than the bulbs in the stock headlights. You will need brighter bulbs in order to see the road well through these headlights lenses.


    Year: 2006 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (5) (1)

  • 4/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    March 09, 2014

    Looks great, however..

    These headlights are awesome! They look great the White Halo has a aggressive look to them. The smoked glass is a plus. The bulbs however are very dim...I even upgraded to the H13 bulbs...still very poor visabiliy, you get a slight improvement with brights on..I don't have the best night vision as it is, so it's very hard for me to drive st night. If you love the aggressive look and dont do very much night driving, like me, I would with out a doubt recommend this product.


    Year: 2008 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 3

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 2/5 No, I do not recommend this product

    October 18, 2012

    form vs function

    The appearance of these headlights is great I had many compliments on them for the looks, but when it came to function it was poor in that department. After two sets installed still couldn't get them to aim 10 ft in front of the car finally just got fed up with it and all the time and hastle into it I jus called and had them switch me to the projector headlights. So if your car is more show these look amazing but they were more form than function.


    Year: 2006 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 4/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    August 16, 2012

    Looks great but has limited adjustment

    The headlights look amazing especially with 6000k HID's installed with them. Although they are great, one of mine has a leak somewhere around the lens which allows condensation to get inside... I will be pulling it off and using silicone to seal the lens and bulb seams to fix the issue rather than warrantying it and waiting another two weeks for a new one. In addition, the reflector housings don't adjust as high as I would like them. Other than these two minor problems, the headlights give my 2006 mustang an incredibly unique look!


    Year: 2006 Model: V6 Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5 Yes, I recommend this product

    April 12, 2010

    HOT!!! lights.

    These ccfl halo headlights and halo foglights very well gave a different look to my car specially at night when ever i go to the mustang hangouts. People give compliments of them and i've had people tell me that it even looks like the car is looking at you. Sounds kind of exagerated but thats what i've heard. Great buy. You wont regret getting them. Will definitely continue buying from AM.


    Helpful (8) (5)

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