How to Install a Steeda Cold Air Intake for a 2011-2012 Mustang GT

This Mustang Parts Installation Guide Works For

Steeda Cold Air Intake - Manual (11-14 GT)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

  • 1/8” Allen Wrench
  • 5/32” Allen Wrench
  • 3/32” Allen Wrench
  • 3/8” Box or Open End Wrench
  • Optional” 3M Weather Stripping Adhesive
  • Standard “Flat Head” Screw Drive
  • 1/4” Ratchet
  • 6 inch 1/4” extension
  • 10mm Socket 1/4” Drive
Installation Time: 1 Hr


  1. Remove protective coating from Heat Shield
  2. Locate the Following Parts: Large Bracket,(2) Aluminum Dowels, (2) ¼” Flat Washers, (2) ¼”x 5/8” Hex Head Bolts, and (2) #10 x 5/16” Button Head Allen Screws

    Guide 16228 Picture 03

  3. Fasten the Dowels to Large Brackets using the Hex Head Bolts and washers.

    Guide 16228 Picture 04

  4. Using the Button Head Allen Screws fasten the Large Bracket to the Heat Shield

    Guide 16228 Picture 05

  5. Locate the Following Parts: Small Bracket and (2) #10 x 5/16” Button Head Allen Screws

    Guide 16228 Picture 06

  6. Using the Button Head Allen Screws, fasten the Small Bracket to Heat Shield.

    Guide 16228 Picture 07

  7. Locate the Following Parts: Air Duct and the (4) #10 ½” Button Head Allen Screws with associated Washers and Locknuts

    Guide 16228 Picture 08

  8. Fasten Air Duct to the Heat Shield as seen in the picture below

    Guide 16228 Picture 09

  9. Locate the Following Parts: MAF Sensor Pipe, (4) ¼” x 3/ 8” Button Head Allen Screws, and (4) ¼” Washers

    Guide 16228 Picture 10

  10. Fasten the MAF Sensor Pipe to the Heat Shield using the Button Head Screws and Washers

    Guide 16228 Picture 11

  11. Locate the Following Parts: Large Trim, Small Trim, and (Optional) 3M Weather Stripping Adhesive

    Guide 16228 Picture 12

  12. Install Large Trim across the top of the Heat Shield and Small Trim along lower side of Heat Shield, using Weather Stripping Adhesive as needed to keep trim in place

    Guide 16228 Picture 13

  13. Locate and Install Hose Clamp and Conical Filter

Guide 16228 Picture 13

  1. Locate the Steeda Vinyl Graphic and install it in the location that looks best to you, as you can in the image above the Graphic is on the flat spot below the filter

    Factory Intake Removal Procedure:

  2. Remove Engine Cover By pulling straight up, it is only held into place by rubber grommets
  3. Disconnect the connector for the MAF Sensor and also disconnect the hoses for the PCV and Noise Tube from the Intake

    Guide 16228 Picture 15

  4. Loosen the clamp securing the Intake Tube to the Throttle Body and unscrew the bolt securing the Intake to the inner fender, then gently pull up and out to remove Entire Intake from vehicle

Guide 16228 Picture 16

Guide 16228 Picture 17

  1. Remove Rubber Grommets from the bottom of the Intake and reinstall into inner fender of vehicle

Guide 16228 Picture 18

Guide 16228 Picture 19

  1. Transfer Rubber Grommet from Factory Intake to Steeda Intake

Guide 16228 Picture 20

Guide 16228 Picture 21

  1. Transfer MAF Sensor from Factory Intake to Steeda Intake

Guide 16228 Picture 22

Guide 16228 Picture 23

Installation Procedure:

  1. Install the Heat Shield Assembly into the vehicle inserting the two Aluminum Dowels into the grommets on the inner fender and properly aligning the Air Duct Tube into the factory duct work. Then reusing the factory bolt secure the assembly to the fender

Guide 16228 Picture 24

Guide 16228 Picture 25

  1. Locate the Following Parts: Intake Tube, Smaller Silicone Sleeve, Larger Silicone Sleeve, (2) 51-101 mm Hose Clamps,(2) 64-114 mm Hose Clamps

Guide 16228 Picture 26

  1. Install Larger Silicone Sleeve over the MAF Sensor Tube along with both of the 64-114 mm Hose Clamps, then install the Smaller Silicone Sleeve over the throttle body with both of the 51-101 mm Hose Clamps. Once properly aligned secure all of the hose clamps

Guide 16228 Picture 27

  1. Locate the following parts: 5/8” Rubber Hose, (2) 1” Hose Clamps, and PCV Adapter

Guide 16228 Picture 28

  1. Install Hose and PCV Adapter then secure with Hose Clamps

Guide 16228 Picture 29

  1. Connect PCV Tube to Intake by sliding tube over PCV Adapter till it locks into place

Guide 16228 Picture 30

  1. Connect PCV Tube to Intake by sliding tube over PCV Adapter till it locks into place

Guide 16228 Picture 31

  1. Connect the MAF Sensor Harness to the MAF Sensor

Guide 16228 Picture 32

  1. Reinstall the Engine Cover

    Guide 16228 Picture 33

  2. Program the Engine Computer with a tune designed for the Steeda CAI, a turner such as SCT SF3 Tuner should be used

  3. Do Not Start Engine Without Tuning Engine Computer for the New Intake