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How to Install a Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake on your 2011-2013 Mustang V6

Installation Time

1 hours

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2011 Mustang V6

Instructions for part #555-3159

***NOTE*** This kit is only to used on cars that have had their PCM tuned for this intake system! Using this kit without the proper engine tune can cause serious damage to your engine! Steeda will not be held liable for use without a tune!

Removal of factory air intake system

1. Remove the factory intake assembly by first loosening the hose clamp securing the intake tube to the throttle body. Also disconnect the hose for the pey system, and secondary brake booster hose (found on automatic transmission vehicles only). These hoses are indicated in figure 1.

2. Disconnect the electrical connector for the mass air flow sensor and unclip the wire harness from the airbox. Unbolt the lower half of the airbox assembly from the fender as seen in figure 2. Gently pull up on the airbox and dislodge the rubber grommets from the boles in the fender and the cold air intake feed duct underneath. Then gently pull the intake tube off of the throttle body and lift out the entire assembly in one piece.

3. Remove the rubber grommets attached to the bottom of the airbox and insert them into the holes where they were originally located in the inner fender as shown in figure 3.

Assembly of the Steeda Cold Air Induction Kit

4. Remove the PCV liner from the outside of the shield.

5. Bolt the lower cold air feed duct to the shield with the provided #10 x 1/2" button head Allen screws and associated Nylon lock nuts and flat washers as seen in figure 4.

6. Attach the mass air flow sensor pipe to the shield assembly by passing the pipe through the hole in the shield and orient it as seen in figure S. Secure it with the provided 1/4" x 3/8" button head Allen screws and 1/4" flat washers.

7. Attach the supplied cone air filter to the velocity stack by sliding it over its outer flange and securing it with the attached hose clamp as seen in figure 6.

8. Bolt the attachment brackets to the shield with the supplied #10 x 5/16" button head Allen screws as seen in figure 7. The bracket with the large hole in it needs to have the grommet and bolt used on the factory airbox transferred over.

9. Screw the provided aluminum dowels into the bottom of the larger bracket, as also seen in figure 7. Use the provided 1/4" x 5/8" Hex head bolts and 1/4" flat washers.

10. Install the rubber trim around the edges of the shield as shown in figure 8. The larger trim with the bulb should go around the top of the shield to seal against the hood liner, and the smaller trim sbould go around the lower part of the shield.

11. Remove the mass air flow sensor from the factory airbox lid by removing the two torx screws securing it. Now carefully transfer the sensor into the aluminum mass air flow sensor pipe in the same orientation as it was in the factory airbox lid. Use the two provided #8 x 5/16" button head Allen screws to secure it to tbe pipe.

12. If you have a vehicle with a manual transmission, install the provided rubber plug in the hole in the bottom of the MAF pipe. If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission install the rubber grommet and barbed hose elbow into the hole in the bottom of the MAF pipe.

This guide applies to Mustang years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and Submodels: V6