Black Mustang Strut Tower Brace (05-10 GT) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

  • 13 mm OR ½ inch socket (you may need a deep socket, depending on what you currently have available).
  • Torque wrench. You can also use a crescent or adjustable wrench, however if you use a torque wrench, you can set the nut tension back to factory specifications.
Installation Time: 30 Mins


  1. Using the torque wrench and 13mm or ½ inch socket,Remove the two (2) inner nuts on top of the left and right strut tower inside the engine compartment.These are relatively easy to remove and should come off without much force. Make sure to save these four nuts and put these aside for the installation of the new strut tower brace.(Photo showing the location of the four nuts to remove prior to installing the strut tower brace)

    Strut Tower Brace 0510 2

    Strut Tower Brace 0510 3

  2. Place the strut tower brace into position in the engine compartment to be tightened down.The strut tower brace is angled (slanted), so make sure the part that slants forward, is facing the front of the car. If you put it on the opposite way, it won’t fit correctly. (See photo below)

    Strut Tower Brace 0510 4

  3. Install the 4 nuts you originally removed (2 nuts per side) and tighten securely.*You will want to verify the torque setting from Ford, however I believe it is recommended to be 25 lbs.

    Strut Tower Brace 0510 5

  4. Make sure to check over all connections. Also be sure to remove any tools and materials inside of the engine compartment you used during installation. Below is a completed picture of the project.
  5. Congratulations! You have installed your new Mustang strut tower brace! Enjoy!

    Strut Tower Brace 0510 6

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Al Frear 3.1.10