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How to Improve a 1994-2004 SN95 Mustang’s Handling

Written By: Stanley Sadowski

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The suspension is the foundation of your 1994-2004 Mustang and is vital to producing and enjoying the power the car was intended to have. Ensure you are getting all of your SN95 Mustang's power to the pavement by upgrading the weak and underperforming suspension the car came with.

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If you want your pony to corner well, shock and strut tower braces will stiffen your 1994-2004 Mustang's unibody chassis, providing a better, more responsive driving experience.

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How do Sway Bars Affect my Mustang’s Handling?

Sway bars improve the handling of a car and do so by trying to equally compress the suspension on both sides of the car while enduring a turn. There is a sway bar located in the front and in the rear of your Mustang. With weak sway bars or bad bushings the car will compress the outside of the suspension more than it should. Changing out the sway bars will reduce body roll (the tendency for your Mustang to sway towards the outside of a turn) and increase you Mustang’s overall stability.

Mustang Blue Sway Bar

How will Aftermarket Sway Bars Improve Performance?

Adding a new set of sway bars will better balance your Mustang when going around corners and give the driver more control by increasing the responsiveness and predictability felt when steering the vehicle. Front and rear sway bars can be purchased individually but there are kits that include both front and rear bars, as well as sway bar connects. Tightening up your stock Mustang’s suspension is extremely important whether you daily drive your car and enjoy the occasional corner cutting and especially if you enjoy taking your car to the track.

Mustang Red Sway Bar

How does a Front Sway Bar Work?

The front sway bar connects to end links which then connect to the control arms and the chassis itself by mounting with rubber or urethane bushings. This connection stiffens the car and prevents unwanted flex when cornering and taking turns. You will see more of a difference when adding an aftermarket front sway bar since the front suspension is isolated opposed to the rear which uses a solid rear axle, but both are excellent ways of improving your Mustang’s handling.

Mustang with Front Sway Bar Installed

How does a Rear Sway Bar Work?

The rear sway bar connects to each of the lower control arms. It poses the same effect as the front sway bar, but for the rear of the car. On a Mustang, the rear sway bar should always be a smaller diameter since the car is rear wheel drive. A bigger sway bar in the front increases lateral and motive traction in the rear and in cases where the rear sway bar is the bigger of the two this causes an increase in traction of the front tires.

Mustang with Rear Sway Bar Installed

How do Shock and Strut Tower Braces Improve a Mustang’s Handling?

Strut tower braces provide extra stiffness and reduce the flexing between the shock towers which is common with higher torque applications. Adding a brace will improve you cornering abilities, reduce the amount the chassis will be allowed to flex, and make your steering more responsive.

Mustang with a Rear Shock Tower Brace

What about Installation?

Front strut tower braces connect to each strut tower as well as the firewall and cross over the top of the engine. It will improve the overall stability of the front end. Be aware if you are in the market for a front strut tower brace because they are model specific. They can also be added just to dress up the engine bay and come in black or chrome. 

Rear shock tower braces connect the two shock towers to each other and goes across the trunk. This will improve traction in the rear under harsh conditions. Just like the front strut tower brace, this will improve cornering and make handling more responsive.

1999-2004 Mystachrome Mustang with a Strut Tower Brace

What Mustangs Benefit from Shock and Strut Tower Braces the Most?

A shock and strut tower brace is highly recommended if you autocross or drift your Mustang because these are the situations where you will notice a difference the most due to the increased speed and subsequent flexing. Both braces install fairly easily and are reasonably priced.

Mustang Strut Tower Brace

How Do Subframe Connectors Improve Handling?

Subframe connectors vastly improve the suspension all around. By connecting the front and rear of the vehicle together, the handling is vastly improved. The car begins to turn smoother along with the entire suspension being smoother. From 1979-2004, subframe connectors should be one of the first mods to a Mustang.

Should I Upgrade My Mustang's Shocks and Struts?

Shocks and struts are great components to add to any Mustang. Whether being lowered or simply looking for better ride quality, shocks and struts are a great, cheap method of improving curb side appeal and handling. Additionally, if you plan on lowering your Mustang, shocks and struts can become a neccesity. Stock components, such as shocks and struts, are not designed for the pressures of being in lowered conditions.

How Can Caster Camber Plates Help My Handling?

When a Mustang is lowered, the alignment will change. If it is lowered too much, the alignment will become out of spec. As a result, this can cause uneven tire wear and poor handling conditions. Caster camber plates allow for a Mustang to get back into spec by having adjustable points, adjusting for caster and camber. These plates are used on lowered cars for the majority of people, but they are also great for road racing and autocross.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sway bars improve handling by equally compressing the suspension on both sides of the car while turning
  • Aftermarket front and rear sway bars can be purchased individually or in a kit that includes both sway bars as well as sway bar connects
  • Front sway bars connect to end links that connected to the control arms and the chassis
  • Rear sway bars connect to each of the lower control arms
  • Strut tower braces provide extra stiffness and reduce flexing between shock towers
  • A shock and strut tower brace is recommended for Mustang autocross and drifting
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