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Ford Racing BOSS 302 Intake Manifold (11-14 GT)

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  • Original Equipment on the BOSS 302 Mustang
  • Made from Light-Weight Composite Material
  • Black Finish
  • Short Runners for Optimum Flow at High Rpms
  • Fits 2011-2014 GT Mustangs with Coyote 5.0L Engine
Gain Up to 61 RWHP. Bolt on up to 61 RWHP and 43 ft-lb torque with the Ford Racing BOSS 302 Manifold. We Dyno tested this system in house on our stock 2011 GT with just a JLT cold air intake, so you can be confident you'll see real gains from this manifold. This manifold is the perfect starting point for your list of power mods - especially if you plan on going forced induction.

More Air for More Power. Your 5.0L Coyote V8's stock manifold is designed to perform well at the low end, but it chokes off airflow at the top. When you want peak power, this Ford Racing BOSS 302 "runner in the box" Intake Manifold is designed to channel more air directly into your engine and set the stage for other power mods.

Premium Quality. Made of a high tech, lightweight composite, this manifold will help your Pony breathe better while improving under hood appearance. The Intake Manifold features the modern BOSS 302 logo as well as an optional Ford Racing emblem (not pre-installed).

Legendary Ford Racing Performance. When you're adding parts to your pony, trust the folks who know it best to un-tap hidden potential and unleash the monster under your hood. This intake manifold is featured as original equipment on the BOSS 302 Mustang.

Strong Enough for Forced Induction. Tested up to 2 bars of pressure, this intake manifold is perfect for your upgraded heads, supercharger, and or cam’ed 4 valve motor. With this type of pressure rating, it can handle the increased air flow and deliver consistent power time and time again.

Stock Air Box. If you plan to run your new Ford Racing BOSS 302 Intake Manifold with your stock air box, you will need to purchase the BOSS 302 Mustang Intake Manifold Install Kit which includes all the additional parts necessary for proper installation.

BOSS 302 Strut Tower Brace. Reduce unwanted suspension flex while greatly improving the handling of your Coyote powered GT by adding the BOSS 302 Strut Tower Brace. The brace is the exact strut tower brace featured as standard equipment on the BOSS 302 Mustang. Please see drop down option above.

Application. The Ford Racing BOSS 302 Intake Manifold is designed to fit the 2011-2014 GT Mustangs equipped with the Coyote 5.0L 4-Valve Engine. Intake gaskets are included.

Technical Notes:

  • A new Computer Tune is required for installation.
  • Stock fuel rails can be reused for this application.
  • Stock and aftermarket strut tower braces designed to clear factory GT manifolds will not fit.
  • Some aftermarket Cold Air Intakes may require modification to the coupler or inlet tube for proper fitment. The JLT and C&L Cold Air Intakes will bolt-on with no additional modifications.

Fitment: 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

What's in the Box
  • (1) Intake Manifold
  • (1) Ford Racing Emblem
  • Installation Instructions
Installation Info
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • Boss 302 - 12, 13
  • GT - 11, 12, 13, 14

Airaid Cold Air: requires the coupler, attaching the throttle body to the inlet tube, to be trimmed 1/4" off each side to allow proper clearance to the fan shroud

Most Helpful Reviews


Top 250 Contributor

SWEET, so far

Just added this Boss 302 to my 2011 Mustang GT/CS. I was very worried my low end performance would degrade from this high RPM performance addition. Since most of the time I am acceleraitng quickly in my ...

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Helpful (62)

Boss 302 intake manifold

By far the best mod ever. My friend installed this for me (he also has the manifold on his 5.0) and it just looks badass, sounds badass, and the power gains are just to sick. They say you lose like 10lbs ...

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Helpful (31)

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Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars


Hey guys, Mike Wilson here from Bama custom tuning and, today we’re going to be talking about the Boss 302 intake manifold for the 2011/2012 Mustang GT. With the View Full Transcript

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44 Questions / 11 Answers

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Will this product work with throttle body spacers? I have an AFE Silver Bullet throttle body spacer in addition to my C+L CAI. Will this manifold work with both upgrades? Or will I have to remove the AFE throttle body spacer for this manifold to fit?

Shep Year: 2011 Model: GT

  • I have a JLT CAI and the throttle body spacer and just did the Boss intake install. Mine fits and clears the hood but rests on the fan shroud. I dont see any issues coming up with the way its mounted. Just takes a minute to adjust your hoses and clamps and you should be golden. Hope this helps.

    Best Answer

    GrabberBlueDrifter Year: 2012 Model: GT Top 10 Contributor

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Show 1 more answer Question Resolved

Will the stock 2012 GT Tower Brace fit with this intake?

TomF Year: 2012 Model: GT

  • The stock GT tower brace will not fit. Only the stock Boss strut tower brace or aftermarket Tower braces made for the Boss will fit since the intake sits higher then the stock intake.

    Best Answer

    GrabberBlueDrifter Year: 2012 Model: GT Top 10 Contributor

    Good Answer (8) (0)

Show 4 more answers Question Resolved

How does this effect stock fuel mileage? While this manifold requires a tune, does it have to be tuned at 93 octane? And what does it do the fuel mileage? I have the stock manifold with an Airaid Intake and Bama Tuner.

CyoteBuster Year: 2012 Model: GT

  • There is no free lunch, the big horse power gain made in the upper RPM range. To do this a little is given up in the lower range if you are looking for power then gas mileage is not a concern. The impact on daily driving will be negligible.

    fasteddie64 Year: 2007 Model: V6 Top 10 Contributor

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Customer Reviews (100+) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.8

out of 5 stars

Installation Time:Afternoon

Installation Cost:$100-$250

  • Performance Gain 4.663793 4.7
  • Fit 4.827586 4.8
  • Bang For Your Buck 4.543103 4.5

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    September 26, 2011

    SWEET, so far

    Just added this Boss 302 to my 2011 Mustang GT/CS. I was very worried my low end performance would degrade from this high RPM performance addition. Since most of the time I am acceleraitng quickly in my automatic, rarely does my RPM stay over 5K RPM where this Boss 302 shows its performance. Does not seemed to have suffered a bit. With the 93 race tune, still accelerates like a champ, hitting each gear of my automatic hard. So far sio good. Install took about two hours, and I am very much a novice. Instructions were pretty good from unisntall to install. Torque wrench - if you only have a foot-lb torque wrench, just divide the 89 inch-lbs by 12 to get it into foot-lbs, ie 7.42 ft-lbs. A very small portion of your torque wrench, but real point is don't over tighten. Only portion I had a little trouble on was the tube that comes with the green cap. On your exsiting 5.0 intake manifold, there is a two pin electronic connector and tube coming off the front of the intake - this is your electronic purge valve and tube that runs all the way back to driver side near the bottom of the fire wall, right above is the brake booster. According to the directions, the purge valve is no longer needed. Well, that means the 2-pin purge valve electronic connector you took off the stock manifold now has no place to go on the BOSS 302 manifold and the purge valve tube that goes back to the driver side at the bottom of the wall has no use. Disconnect the tube there, at the wall, pop a plug on the tube inlet, remove the long purge valve tube that is not needed. Also put a black plug in place of the green plug, unless you prefer the green. Buy (2) 3/8" vaccuum plugs (Pep Boys) to do this. Even though many of the pictures you see here have the tube inlet connected to the purge valve tube, from what I understand, it does not do anything, since their is no longer a purge valve on the new intake. well, I hope that helps someone!

    Top 250 Contributor


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 5+ Marlton, NJ

    Helpful (62) (7)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    October 27, 2011

    Boss 302 intake manifold

    By far the best mod ever. My friend installed this for me (he also has the manifold on his 5.0) and it just looks badass, sounds badass, and the power gains are just to sick. They say you lose like 10lbs at low end, but you can barely feel it. The power gains from 4000-7300 are just unreal. The car dyno'd at 428rwhp @ 7300 and my only mods are a boss manifold, jlt carbon fiber CAI, and bama 91 octane race tune. I highly recommend this to anyone with a 2011-2012 5.0!! Be safe and have fun!!


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Los Angeles, CA

    Helpful (31) (6)

  • 5/5

    April 08, 2011

    Boss Intake

    Great add on that was very easy to install with out having too much mechanical skill. Makes the under hood appearance a lot nicer. The gains in the high end rpm are awesome will put you in the back of your seat with every gear change.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (32) (6)

  • 5/5

    June 16, 2011

    Boss intake

    the car is more powerful and smoother throughout the power band. the car does not want to quit. all ready had CAI and tune. No noticeable loss of torque. Torque was actually up by 6lbs to 384ftlbs.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip

    Helpful (15) (4)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    February 06, 2013

    Excellent gains

    Right, so I got this the other day and bolted it on. I'm a complete novice at working on cars but I managed to install this, a C&L cold-air intake, and the 85mm throttle body. It's basically like a $40k lego set right? Install was not especially difficult although I was a bit worried about the bypass valve delete. There's a part that connects to the original manifold and the instructions from Ford on this (obtained on this website) say that it doesn't do anything and to just cap it off. Well...I did, but that still seems fishy to me. I've driven it plenty since, and it's not throwing a check engine light or anything like that so I guess no harm no foul. The only other part of the actual install that was a bit hairy was disconnected the fuel rails. Obviously the fuel system is pressurized....I don't know if it was because I didn't have the fuel disconnect tool (I just used my fingernails to release the plastic clamp) but I got sprayed with gasoline and it went all over the engine when I disconnected the fuel rails. I cleaned it up and let the engine bay sit and dry for a couple hours after that just to make sure I didn't blow myself up. Install would have been much faster if I didn't do that....but I suppose I might also have lit myself on fire. Note to other inexperienced installers: rubber soled shoes, eye protection, and let the engine block cool off before you install this part! I also installed a new computer tune sent free from Bama. The process is fairly simple as I returned the computer to stock, then took my tuner inside and installed the software on my computer and then plugged it in and replaced the tunes. I didn't use the update tool on the software because it didn't ask me to do so: I have not run into any problems and I know the correct tune is installed because my fuel cutoff is much higher than before. It's still a bit disconcerting but that's just because I'm a novice. Actual performance gains: Wow. It's obvious right away. Before the car revved nicely and power peaked around 5500rpm and then fell off at 6500rpm. Now there's a VERY sharp increase in power right at around 5000rpm (feels very similar to a turbo spooling up) and the engine just pulls at that same level all the way past 7000rpm. My butt-dyno says at least 60hp from the tune, throttle body, cold air, and intake manifold. My x-pipe roush exhaust probably isn't hurting anything either.


    Year: 2012 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Germany

    Helpful (7) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    May 11, 2012

    Difference in sound and performance

    First of if your doing this mod do it right and buy the installation kit. Ive seen some people rig their stock lines. Your spending the $$ do it the way it was meant to be done. As soon as the tune was done and I started the car I could hear a difference. I had the c&l intake already and this added a little more volume to the exhaust and engine compartment. At idle you can hear the coyote breathin deep. its a very unique sound. Performance - very very little notice in loss of bottom end power. but lets be honest if your doing this mod for more power those rpms arnt staying low for very long. and the car will hook better. when you hit 4k rpm hold on. where you ready to shift the car keeps gaining power. Overall im very happy with this purchase and would buy it again. My only issue was removing the stock fuel line So just becareful doing that.


    Year: 2012 Model: GT Brick, NJ, USA

    Helpful (7) (1)

  • 5/5

    August 22, 2011

    Boss Intake

    Does take time to install. Looks nice. We did the bama tune with boss intake. dyno car, did not get same results. Added HP yes. Just not as much as indicated.

    Terry N

    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (12) (4)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    March 01, 2014

    If looks could kill...

    This was the coolest bolt on I've ever bought from AM. It went on very easy, with no issues. I did not buy the purge valve installation kit. I followed the install from a mustang forum where the guy did a awesome walk-thru on the installation. You end up bolting the old purge valve to the block and you don't even have to add wire to the harness. I was not prepared to see a bunch of unpainted aluminum and beige paint splats from the engine manufacturing process under the old intake. I bought some flat black engine paint and blacked it up under there before the new intake went on...Trust me on this, it looked awful. I broke out the shop vac and sucked up some sand from there before painting. I also installed the JLT carbon fiber CAI at the same time, the CAI came bundled with the Bama tuner and the whole installation was pretty quick... Just a few hours including my OCD cleaning and painting. I love the look of this intake. I am happy with the gains and overall look of the new parts. Be sure to buy the Boss 302 strut tower brace, it just adds the killer final touch.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Florida, USA

    Helpful (5) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

    June 30, 2013

    Boss 302 Manifold WOW!!

    I received my manifold and strut tower bar within 2 days of my purchase. It took me a little over an hour from start to finish. I would recommend that you have a few rags to cover the fuel line crossover tube since it makes quite a mess when you disconnect it and each injector. I didn't order the complete kit, so I used 3/8 fuel line to reconnect the purge valve to the manifold and haven't had any issues. They say you lose some torque on the low end, but I honestly couldn't feel it. My butt dyno says I make much more power than before and I don't regret my purchase one bit. Thanks AM and Bama for all your help and service.


    Year: 2013 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Columbia, SC, USA

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    October 24, 2012

    the BOSS

    This was an excellent upgrade. I already had an AirRaid intake and a tuner device which I purchased from A.M. I bought my Ford Racing Boss 302 intake manifold for under $500 (on special). Installation was easy and straight forward. Another A.M. customer has submitted detailed installation instructions with color photos that were most heplful. American Muscle followed up and delivered the upgraded downloadable BAMA tunes before I even received the manifold. This part looks BadAss under the hood and will dramatically increase the power band at higher RPMs. I Love it!

    Top 500 Contributor


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 4 San Leandro, CA

    Helpful (2) (0)

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