Mustang Bumper Inserts ('79-'04) - Installation Instructions

Tools Required

  • Spray Bottle containing mixture of dish soap & water
Installation Time: 30 Mins


  1. Clean bumper well to ensure good adhesion of the letters. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and dish soap. You can also use glass cleaner if you choose. Be sure to install letters out of direct sunlight.
  2. Spray bumper with a generous amount of the soap and water mixture.

    Mustang Bumper Inserts 79-04 2

  3. Peel letters from adhesive sheet and place them in the inserts on the bumper.

    Mustang Bumper Inserts 79-04 2

  4. Once you have the letters properly aligned, push any air bubbles out towards the edges with your fingertip

    Mustang Bumper Inserts 79-04 3

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer.