How to install a JLT Performance Next Generation Cold Air Intake on your 1999-2001 Mustang

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JLT Performance Next Generation Cold Air Intake (99-01 Cobra)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 1 Hour


Thank you for purchasing our product. We hope you are satisfied with the look and performance. Take your time and it will be a smooth install.

Please review complete instructions prior to installing.

  1. Verify you have all of the following parts included in the kit:
  2. (1) JLT Intake tube with PVC fitting and IAT grommet, (1) 45º Rubber Throttle Body Elbow, (1) 4.5”-4” Silicone Reducer, (1) Silicone Spacer, (3) #72 Clamps, (1) #64 Clamp, (1) Apron plate, (1) Billet MAF Adaptor with bolts, (1) MAF Gasket and (1) 4x6” Air Filter

  3. Gather all of the following tools needed for the installation:
  4. 5/16 Nut Driver, 10mm Open End Wrench, 11mm Open End Wrench, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Car Jack and Jack Stands

  5. Jack the car up using jack stands or drive it on some ramps. Removing the right wheel makes the install much easier, but not totally necessary. Turn wheels all the way to the right.
  6. Remove your stock intake system from the throttle body to the filter housing.
  7. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  8. Unbolt your Mass Air Flow Sensor from the filter housing, and install the MAF filter adaptor using the supplied MAF gasket and bolts shown below. Do not reuse the screen BOLTS GO THROUGH MAF AND THREAD INTO ADAPTOR.
  9. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  10. Install the filter onto the MAF adaptor and the silicone spacer & reducer onto the MAF as shown:
  11. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  12. PULL the Inlet Air Temperature sensor from your stock inlet and install the grommet in bottom side of JLT tube.
  13. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  14. Unplug the hold down in the large wire harness where the MAF wire ties into it and pull toward the hole. Feed your MAF wires into the hole in the apron. You only need a few inches in there. Put some tape around the hole in the apron. This will help prevent scratching the pipe during install. Bolt Apron Plate up using the stock air box bolt.
  15. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  16. Install 45° Rubber elbow and clamps onto the JLT tube. There is a SHORT side on the elbow, be sure to put the SHORT side on the tube (the part# should NOT BE SEEN). Insert round end into the hole in the apron plate and rotate it down and onto the throttle body. Tighten the clamp at the throttle body and leave the clamp on the tube loose for final adjustment.
  17. jlt-performance-next-generation-cold-air-intake-99-01-cobra

  18. To gain access in the fender well you must remove the Philips screw in the bumper cover edge and pull plastic fender liner back. There is also 2 push pins holding the shield into the frame rail, remove these too.
  19. Raise the REDUCER/MAF/FILTER assembly up onto the JLT tube. Point MAF top toward the rear of the car and the plug will point toward the driver’s fender. By TWISTING the tube at the throttle body you can gain more room right or left. Plug in the MAF and tighten the clamps.


  21. Put the splash shield back in and reinstall the push pins and screw.
  22. Up top, snug up the clamp at the throttle body and installation is complete. CLAMPS ONLY NEED TO BE LIGHTLY SNUG

This kit includes an S&B Powerstack pre-oiled reusable air filter. The frequency you should clean your filter will depend on your driving conditions. It is recommended to check your filter at every oil change or 3,000 miles. If there is a build up of dirt as thick as the wire mesh, then it’s time to clean your filter. As dirt builds up on your filter, the restriction of the airflow also increases. More frequent cleanings will improve your fuel economy and your vehicle’s performance.