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How to Install a Magnaflow Axle-back Exhaust on Your 2010 Mustang GT & GT500

Installation Time

2 hours

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Warning: When working on, under, or around any vehicle exercise caution. Please allow the vehicles exhaust system to cool before removal, as exhaust system temperatures can cause severe burns. If working without a lift, always consult vehicle manual for correct lifting specifications. Always wear safety glasses and ensure a safe work area. Serious injury or death could occur if safety measures are not followed.

Step 1: (Carefully read all instructions before installation) Disconnec the vehicles battery before removal of the OEM exhaust. this will allow the computer to reset itself with the new system, and prevent electrical accidents. To remove the OEM exhaust system, unbolt the clamps fastening the muffler inlets to the over axle pipes. Unbolt the muffler hanger brackets from the frame, and remove the mufflers from the vehicle (The brackets will be reused). Do not damage the OEM rubber insulators, as they will be used to mount the new system

Step 2: Remove the OEM hanger brackets from the mufflers and reattach them to the frame of the vehicle. Install the new mufflers by fitting the welded hangers into the rubber insulators in the brackets. Fit the new mufflers to the overaxle pipes using the supplied band clamps. Leave all the clamps and fasteners loose for the final adjustment of the complete system.

Step 3: With all components mounted loosely, adjust the system for overall aesthetics and clearance of frame and bodywork. (MAGNAFLOW recommends at least 1/2" of clearance between the exhaust system and any body panels to prevent heat related body damage or fire).

Step 4: Once a final position has been chosen for the new system, evenly tighten all fasteners from front to rear. The supplied band clamps must be very tight to properly align the pipes and prevent leaks (Approx. 65ft-lbs). Inspect all fasteners after 25-50 miles of operation and retighten if necessary.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2010 and Submodels: GT, GT500

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