How to Install a Mud Flaps - Front & Rear on your 2005-2009 Mustang GT

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 20 Minutes



Be sure that the JFlaps (fig. 1 ) and the fender edge (fig.3) where they will be mounted, are clean and dry.

Beginning at the bottom of the JFlap, position the u channel (fig.2) over the fender edge and carefully push it on along its entire length (fig.4). After checking for good alignment on the vehicle, push firmly along the u channels entire length for secure fit.

If the u channel feels as though it fits too tightly or loosely the width of the u channel may be adjusted by hand, by removing the JFlap and gently widening or squeezing the u channel for better fit.

Removal: Beginning at the bottom of the JFlap, gently pull the u channel off the fender flange. Clean the JFlaps using mild soap and water, rinse and dry thoroughly.


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