How to Install Tail Lights for 1996-1998 Mustang

This Mustang Parts Installation Guide Works For

Raxiom Smoked Tail Lights (96-98 All)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  • 11mm Socket or Wrench
Installation Time: 2 Hrs


  1. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the trunk insulation retaining clip as shown below.Guide 49124 Picture 01
  2. Using an 11mm socket or wrench, remove the 4 nuts highlighted in the photo below:
  3. Guide 49124 Picture 02
  4. Once all of the nuts are removed, simply pull the tail light housing from the vehicle. Remove the bulbs by twisting them, making sure to take note of their position in the housing.Guide 49124 Picture 03
  5. Install the bulbs in the new housing in the same position as they were removed from the old housing.Guide 49124 Picture 04
  6. Place the housing back into the tail section of the vehicle and re-install using the 11mm nuts that were removed in Step 2. Repeat for other side then re-install any interior trunk trim that was removed in Step 1 to complete the installation.