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Mustang Transmission Identifier

           Trans Tag Identifier

 Mustang Transmission Tags:

  •  The transmission tag is located on your driver’s side door jam
  •  On the bottom right of the tag there is an area labeled TR with 5 letters and numbers
  •  Only the first letter/number corresponds to your transmission

When it comes to buying a clutch or a shifter, it is important to be able to identify which manual Mustang transmission is installed in your car. Please note that Ford not only changed the type of transmissions used in different year and model mustangs, but also changed the size of the clutch disk as well. 

How to decode your Mustang's transmission tag numbers

  • If you have a 6 as your first digit, you have five-speed manual, T-45 OD Mustang Transmission.
  • If you have a 5 as your first digit, your car came with a T-5 OD Mustang transmission.
  • If you have a K as the first digit, you have a TR-3650 Mustang Transmission.

Some of you may be wondering about the other 2-5 digits. They are related to your Mustang's springs, front/rear which in this case, does not help you in identifying your Mustang transmission .

If you have any other questions regarding your Mustang transmission, don’t hesitate to give a call!