How to install a Pypes Violator Catback Exhaust on your Mustang

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Pypes Violator Catback Exhaust (86-93 LX; 94-97 GT)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 2 Hours


“S” at the end of the part number indicates 304 polished stainless steel

Thanks again for purchasing your new 409 stainless steel Pypes Performance Exhaust Ford Mustang cat–back system. Please be sure to confirm all the components in the kit were received in your shipment before beginning installation. These kits will include (2) Violator Mufflers, (2) tailpipes, (2) tips, (2) tip hangers, (2) flow tubes, (2) flow tube flanges, (4) clamps and (1) bolt kit. If you have purchased a 304 polished stainless kit, your part number will end in an “S”. If you find any component missing, please contact our office at 800-421-3890 for replacement. Installation of this kit will require a few simple tools; jack stands, 9/16” wrench, deep socket w/ ratchet, 1/2” wrench, hex keys and a saws-all or hack saw. For a quicker and tighter installation, air tools are recommended.

Technical assistance is available both online at or 800-421-3890.

  1. Begin by placing the vehicle on a lift or four jack stands at maximum height. This will aid in an easier installation. Note: Removal of the rear tires will allow the tailpipes to go over the rear axle much easier.
  2. Unbolt the factory cat-back from the rear of your h-pipe or x-pipe. Next, remove the four clamps at the mufflers. If you still have a factory system on the car, you will need to cut the mufflers out of the system using a hack saw or a saws-all. Finish by removing the tailpipes from the rubber hangers. Be sure to check the rubber hanger to see if they are in good shape. Old stretched out rubber hangers will only make your new system hang and fit poorly. If new hangers are required, please contact your local Ford dealer, or auto parts store for replacements. Pypes has new kits available for the 99-04 owners, part number HFH30. This kit includes the 4 rubber hangers with 304 stainless steel brackets.
  3. Now it’s time to install your new cat-back. Begin with the tailpipes first, slipping the tailpipe over the rear axle. Once over the axle portion is in-place, slide the tips on to the tailpipes. Slide the front hanger on the tailpipe the rubber mount closest to the rear. Next, choose the correct tip hanger for your application and install through the boss on the tip and slide the other end through the rear hanger. Make sure to leave the clamping bolt and set screw loose until the entire kit is installed. A small amount of grease or liquid soap will allow the hanger to slide through easier.
  4. Next install the mufflers on to the tailpipes. Again, a small amount of grease in the muffler inlet and outlet will allow for easy rotation when adjusting for the perfect fit. Also remember, your new Violator mufflers are directional and have an inlet stamp on the muffler case.
  5. Next, install the flow tube flanges on to the flow tubes and slide them into the inlets of each muffler. A small amount of grease will also help here too. The shorter flow tube belongs on the driver side of the vehicle. Once the flow tubes are in place, you can install the bolts to connect them to your h-pipe or x-pipe. If you vehicle still has a factory h-pipe, you will just re-use the factory bolts and nuts as the bolt is an integral part of the h-pipe. Snug the hardware just enough to allow rotation for adjustment. Now install the four clamps on the muffler necks, snug the nuts, but DON’T TIGHTEN. Once these clamps are tightened you will not be able to adjust any of the components.
  6. Last, make all your final adjustments for fit. Make sure the mufflers are flat and parallel to the ground. Rotate the flow tubes for the best fit. Also, make sure the tailpipes/tips are positioned in the correct location under/in the rear bumper. Once you are satisfied with the fit, tighten all four clamps, tip clamp, hanger set screw and the connection points at the h-pipe. Air tools will allow the tightest clamping possible. Now it’s time to fire up your Mustang. Remember to listen and check for exhaust leaks. Also, periodically check all connections points as they may come loose. Note: Black residue at any of the connections indicate an exhaust leak.

Enjoy your new Pypes Performance Exhaust.