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Brick's mustang photos


About The Experts




I was a customer first - 7 years ago I came in to buy parts, got in an argument with someone about a part, and won. I left with my parts and a new job and I've been here ever since. I knew when I came to work at AmericanMuscle, bleeding Ford blue blood, I was finally home and this was my spot. What place could be better, they support me racing on the weekends!

I've owned 15, yes 15 Mustangs and have 3 now. When I turned 16 I bought my first Mustang, it was a 1966 289 3-speed on the floor. I called her “Greased Lighting” and thought she was the fastest thing around, I could only afford headers so I made my first exhaust system out of galvanized aluminum fence posting. It was heavy but at least it never rusted! The first time I took her to the strip I not only had my doors blown off but instead of using the return road I drove backwards down the track and was kicked off. The next time I was kicked off was due to my car being too fast! That is when the speed bug bit me, I knew from that point on that I wanted to have a career in motorsports and my chariot was going to be the Mustang.

About Brick's mustang

Brick's Black '90 LX

I bought the “Black Mamba” over two years ago. Since that time I have only done some minor mods to hold me over until the big overhaul. Eventually she will be getting a full overhaul, including new paint, crate engine and full suspension. I am going for the iconic muscle look with the classic 5.0 power. She will mainly be for cruising the street and seeing the show circuit. My Mach1 will be the real deal track rat!


Wheels & Tire Package
  • Silver Pony 16x7 Wheels
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Cobra Intake Manifold
  • 70 mm throttle body
  • Prof. Prod. TPS
  • Complete Rear Control Arm Kit
  • FRPP 4.10 Gears
  • Future Modifications
  • FRPP 427 Crate Engine
  • 5 Lug Big Brake Conversion
  • Hawk Ceramic Pads
  • Hawk Ceramic Pads
  • 31 Spline Moser 5 Lug Fox Body Axles
  • Eaton LSD 31 Spline
  • FRPP 3.73 Gears
  • FRPP Rear Main Cover/Brace
  • Flowmaster American Thunder Catback
  • Eibach Anti-Roll Kit
  • Eibach Pro Kit Springs
  • Tokico HP Struts
  • Tokico HP Shocks
  • 3 inch Cowl Hood
  • Sport Wing
  • 93 Cobra Grille
  • Trunk lid