Justin's 2014 GT Project Car

2013 MMD Project
  • Justin's Project - Stage 1

    Justin's Project - Stage 1 Justin's 2014 Starts with Suspension, Power and Appearance!

    Justin kicks off his build with a nice mix of handling, horsepower and head-turning mods! To get his 2014 Mustang GT looking and performing right, he installs a cold air intake, springs, exhaust and a few others to set the ground-work.

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  • Justin's Project - Stage 2

    Justin's Project - Stage 2 Crossing 400 Horsepower and Looking Good at the Same Time!

    After setting the stage for more power, Justin cranks things up with intake and exhaust mods to push his numbers well into the 400's at the rear wheels. With that added performance, a few mods to add to the custom look of his 2014 GT get added, too.

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  • Justin's Project - Stage 3

    Justin's Project - Stage 3 Suspension Wrap Up and Interior/Exterior Overhaul!

    Now that we have the first two stages completed, Justin is going to dive back into this 2014 GT and wrap up the last of his suspension mods and add a couple finishing touches to the exterior. After that he’s going to head inside and show us his new Raxiom GPS, Modern Billet Shift Knob, and PLX DM-100 MultiGauge…

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