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About The Experts



Customer Service

I am a diehard Mustang fanatic. I first fell in love with Mustangs when I was 15 years old and I found a 1966 Mustang coupe restoration project. That was the beginning of my addiction. I quickly added a 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 to my collection which served as my daily driver. After I finished the 1966 coupe as a show car, I had a need for speed that just wasnt being met. So I found a 1967 Mustang fastback project car that I transformed into a full-on 10 second drag race car. After owning a few more vintage mustangs, I found my current car - a 2003 Mustang GT convertible. My wife was also bitten by the mustang bug and purchased a 2005 Mustang coupe after test driving other cars and feeling like they were all under-powered compared to a Mustang.

About Lee's mustang

Lee's '03 GT Convertible

When I first took my car for a test drive, I knew it would be mine. I loved the power of the car combined with the open air from the convertible. It was only a short time later that I bought it and an even shorter time until I started modifying it. By now I have thrown almost every bolt-modification I could at the car and I still want more. Im in the process of building a new fully forged engine for the car and fabricating a turbocharger system for it. I have an almost completely aftermarket suspension and Im looking to now strengthen the chassis for future power levels and racing.


Dyno Numbers
  • 265 HP
  • Performance Upgrades
  • BBK Cold Air Intake (96-04 GT)
  • Trick Flow 75mm Throttle Body & Plenum Combo (96-04 GT)
  • SCT SF3/X3 Power Flash Tuner w/ 3 Free Tuens (99-04 GT)
  • Excel by Richmond 4.10 Gears (99-04 GT)
  • Eaton Limited Slip Differential - 31 Spline 8.8 in (86-12 V8; 11-12 V6)
  • Moser 8.8 Axles w/ Studs - 31 Splines 5 Lug (99-04 GT, Mach 1)
  • Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft - 31 Spline (96-04 GT, Mach 1; 96-98 Cobra)
  • Hawk Performance Hps Brake Pads - Rear Pair (94-04 GT, V6)
  • Hawk Performance Hps Brake Pads - Front Pair (99-04 GT, V6)
  • Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Strut & Shock Kit (94-04 GT, V6, Mach 1; 94-98 Cobra)
  • Maximum Motorsports Rear Lower Control Arms (99-04 GT, V6, Mach 1)
  • Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates (94-04 GT, V6, Mach 1; 94-01 Cobra)
  • Edelbrock Victor Jr. EFI Intake Manifold (99-04 GT)
  • Flowmaster American Thunder Catback Exhaust (99-04 GT, Mach 1)
  • BBK Catted X-Pipe (99-04 4.6L)
  • BBK Chrome Tuned Length Shorty Headers (96-04 GT)
  • Future Modifications
  • Roush Stage 3 Body Kit w/ Wing - Unpainted (99-04 GT, V6)
  • SLP Line Lock Brake Control Kit (99-04 V8)
  • Cervini's 1995 Style Cobra R Hood - Unpainted (99-04 All)
  • 8-Point Roll Bar - Coupe (94-04 All)
  • Staggered Hypercoated 2010 Style GT Premium Wheel & Nitto Tire Kit - 18x9/10 (99-04)