Magnaflow Off-Road Tru-X X-Pipe (11-14 GT)

Magnaflow Off-Road Tru-X X-Pipe (11-14 GT)
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Hey, I'm Justin with, and this is our power pack Bolt-On Build-Up for all 2011 and newer Mustang GTs. Power, it's a simple thing really, what puts a smile on our face every time we bury the throttle. It's why we a Mustang instead of a Prius. Never before has there been a factory GT that has made more power than these newer Coyote Mustangs. Now even though this amazing 5.0 motor produces over 400 horsepower at the crank, eventually we get used to it, and it's at that point that we begin our search for more. That's what this power pack is all about. We're going to be installing some of the bolt-on basics and then using our Dyno jet here, to see what kind of improvements we made. So, enough with the talking already, let's get a quick baseline number down, and then get to work installing our parts. Hey Mike, I know the guys just finished up installing the parts on our 11 here. Looks like we got some great parts that should help our Coyote motor breathe a little easier Let's work from front to back. Starting with that Airaid, now what makes those a little bit better than the stock airbox? MIKE: Well, it's got a high-flow reusable air filter that's going to allow more air to enter the engine. The closed Airbox blocks all the heat from the engine from getting into the motor, and the increased size of the intake tube again, is going to allow more air to get into the motor, allow it to breathe better, make more power. JUSTIN: Awesome man, speaking of allowing more air into the motor, we also went with 85mm BBK throttle body, what are some of the benefits of going with that? MIKE: Well, while it doesn't pack the biggest punch in horsepower, it's a great complementary mod, and thanks to the pre-installed electronics from BBK, makes it a very simple install. JUSTIN: Now let's move onto the business side of things, I know we got a couple of parts from Magnaflow for the exhaust starting with their TrueX X-pipe. Explain, if you will, the benefits of using an off-road X- or H-pipe, and what can we expect? MIKE: Well, you're going to eliminate the catalytic converters, which is going to increase airflow, and we've got the X-Pipe, which is going to do a real good job of scavenging the exhaust, and again, making more horsepower. Out the back, we've installed the Magnaflow street axle-back system which is an aggressive sound, but it's not too loud, and we're not going to have any of the drum. JUSTIN: Now, I know each one of these parts individually does not require a tune, but you really stress the importance of kind of bringing them all together with one of your custom Bama tunes. Why is that? MIKE: Well, with the Bama tune, we take all the modifications into effect when we build the tune for the car. While the Airaid doesn't require a tune, because of the modular Venturi insert, we've removed the insert to increase the airflow, and increase the horsepower, but it also wraps everything else together. The drive-by-wire, calibration for the pedal, the transmission calibration, a bunch of other things that we do, kind of wrap the whole package together. JUSTIN: Well, there's only one more thing to do, I guess, right, and see what kind of power it makes? MIKE: Absolutely. JUSTIN: Let's do it. So our baseline run with our automatic 2011 GT gave us 337 horsepower, and 325 ft/lbs of torque. With our power pack installed, we put down 381 horsepower, and 359 ft/lbs of torque, making for a peak horsepower gain of 44 over our baseline numbers, and gains of 44 horsepower, and 51 ft/lbs of torque throughout the curve. Now that we know the power's really been increased, I'm going to get to work on strapping the car, so I can take it out on the streets, and have a little fun. Alright, well, what better way to start off the powerpack with the 2011 GT with a nice big, smoky burnout, huh? Well, I tell you what, man, the exhaust sounds great already, definitely more grunt than the stock exhaust. We've got a straightaway coming up here, so let's get around this bend, hammer on it, and see if this power pack's doing it's job, shall we? So, a solid chirp in 3rd gear, the car winds out way harder than it did before. Those shift points have definitely been raised a few hundred rpm, and the car pulls like a bat out of hell, man, it's awesome! Like I said about the exhaust, Magnaflow did a great job at creating a street-series, which is a nice balance between that classic muscle sound, but also, you know, keeps it tame. You can still cart your Mom around town, and she's not going to be complaining the time, my car is too loud. So, I love it man, sounds great. Now of course we've got the Cold-Air installed along with the throttle body, parts that, you're probably not going to notice are installed when they're working in conjunction with everything else, but we've seen the results on the dyno, we know they're doing their job, and that's just the whole point of the powerpack, man. We got a bunch of parts working together for us, to one common goal, of making this thing really rip, and boy does it, as you just saw. So, that's it for our powerpack for the 2011 GT. I'm going to go incinerate some more tires, but in the meantime, be sure to check out some of our other 2011 and up Bolt-On Build-Ups, where we make the car look a little bit better, and make it handle like it's on rails.

About Magnaflow

Magnaflow Ford Mustang Exhaust Axlebacks, Catbacks, and Midpipes
MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Their parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. They’re proud to continue this tradition through producing the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world. If you’re looking for quality, power and sound, then you’re looking for MagnaFlow.
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Product Features

  • More Power.
  • Improves Exhaust Flow and Sound.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 3" Mandrel-Bent Tubing.
  • For Off-Road Use.
  • Fits 2011-2014 GT Mustangs.
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Improves Exhaust Flow. Gain power and torque on your 2011-2014 Mustang GT by replacing your restrictive factory H-Pipe with a Magnaflow Off-Road Tru-X X-Pipe. By balancing out your exhaust flow and removing the factory cats, your track-ready Mustang GT will gain power, torque, and even sound better. In fact, our 2011 Project car has this same system with the Magnaflow Competition Catback, and was dyno tested with a peak gain of 19 RWHP and 18 ft-lb of torque.

Premium Quality. Magnaflow's Tru-X X-pipe is made from free-flowing mandrel bent 3" stainless steel tubing for improved exhaust flow and a long life.

Complete Kit. All Magnaflow X-Pipes come with all hardware necessary for installation and carry a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Application. This Magnaflow Off-Road Tru-X X-Pipe is designed to be a direct bolt-on for the 2011-2014 5.0L V8 GT Mustangs with either an aftermarket short tube headers or the stock factory manifolds installed. Intended for off-road track use only.

Mid Pipe Specifications
Style Mid Pipe: Standard length "X" Type Headers Required: Shorty or Stock Manifolds
Piping Material: Stainless Steel Piping Size: 3"
Catalytic Converter: "No" - For off-road use only Fitment: 2011-2014 GT Mustangs

Installation Time:

(approx) 2 Hours

Difficulty Level:

Advanced mechanical skills required.

What's in the box?

  • (1) X-Pipe
  • (2) Down Pipes
  • (2) Clamps

What's in the box?

  • (1) X-Pipe
  • (2) Down Pipes
  • (2) Clamps
  • GT 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Boss 12, 13

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