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Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit (15-17 5.7L HEMI Charger)

Item CR2053-57
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for AmericanMuscle, and today I'm taking a look at the DiabloSport Intune I3 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit for 2015 to 2017 5.7-liter HEMI Chargers. This is going to appeal to the HEMI Charger owner who is looking for an all-inclusive, easy-to-install tuning kit that's gonna give a solid performance improvement with lots of flexibility and features. This setup includes everything that you need to get it tuned onto your Charger with no fuss, all at a pretty reasonable price.Now, there's a lot to talk about here, but I wanna start with the PCM that's included. This is an unlocked tunable PCM unit that swaps out with your factory one. Now, you're gonna avoid dealing with the messiness of trying to unlock your factory unit. This one comes right out of the box, ready to be tuned and swapped in. So, no fuss needed.Since a modified PCM is required to utilize the tuning module to its fullest extent, this is an excellent solution to make the whole thing plug-and-play. Now, you will have to ship back your original PCM unit to DiabloSport however. Just something to note there. But the real magic lies in this little tuning module, the Intune I3 Platinum Tuner comes preloaded with tunes that are all dyno-tested and street-proven by DiabloSport to ensure that you're gonna see improved power and drivability without sacrifice.Now, when you go to program the tune, you're gonna get asked a few questions regarding what octane fuel you plan to use, if you've changed the tire size versus your stock one, etc. And the module is gonna give you tunes based on how you answer those questions. Now, you can also do things like remove the speed limiter, disable traction control, adjust the rev limiter, and disable active fuel management amongst some other things. The unit also allows for data logging, so you can check on different engine parameters to see how everything's performing, and you can download those logs onto your computer via DiabloSports' data viewer software to view and analyze everything.The tuner unit can also read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. So, if you happen to get a check engine light, you can just use this to read the code and clear them out of your engine computer right there in your driveway and save yourself a trip to the shop. Now, the whole thing is controlled by a little touch screen here, and it has excellent resolution. So, it's easy to use, easy and navigate, and it looks good if you wanna keep it up and use it as a display in the car. And the best part here is that this also automatically saves your stock tune. So, if you need to revert the car back to OEM spec at any point, you can do that very, very easily.And speaking of easy, the unit also has the ability to receive updates via Wi-Fi, or you can plug it into your Mac or Windows PC and download the updates that way as well. A little USB cable is also included for all that. Now, price-wise, the whole kit with the tuner and the PCM is gonna run you around $650. And I'm not gonna pull any punches, for all that you're getting here. I think that's a really good deal. The flexibility of the tuning module alone is great, but you also keep the ability to easily revert the car back to stock by yourself. And you can modify a bunch of different parameters in the car outside of just the regular tune. Plus, you get that new PCM. Now, a standalone tuner or another plug-and-play module like this isn't much less money and it doesn't necessarily include all the capabilities that this one has or that PCM.So, with all of that, including the ease of install and use, I really think you're getting an excellent value. And speaking of install, this is going to get a one out of three on our difficulty meter, and should only take you about 20 minutes to get it installed. It's a simple plug-and-play operation here or something you can definitely do by yourself in your driveway. The tuning module itself plugs into the OBD2 port underneath the dashboard, and the PCM is designed to just unplug and plug right back in, in place of your stock unit. Not much more to say there. So, with that, let's throw it over to one of our AM customers who's gonna walk you through it.Man: All right, So, here's all the tools laid out needed for the installation. So, first, we got these sockets. You're gonna need a 13-millimeter and a 10-millimeter. Then you need a ratchet, of course, for the sockets, then you're gonna need a prying tool, but a flat-head screwdriver works as well.All right. First step is you get your 10-millimeter socket and a ratchet and you unscrew the negative terminal of the battery. Just loosen it enough or you could just do it with your hand. And you don't have to unscrew it all the way. Okay. Where it's loose, you just pull it up and there. So, we've got to remove this air cabin cover here. So, all you gotta do is just push these tabs then lift up. Boom. Right off that easy. And now we go in here then remove the air cabin filter. Just push it open and pull. There you go. You got it out. All right, then. Now we gotta remove these four pins to lift this cover up right here. One, two, three and four right here. So, you just get a flat-head screwdriver or a prying tool, then you just remove them.This one here, this one was lost in the process and the other one, but there would be one usually here. Just moved it like normal. And then once you move off forward, you just lift it up. Then this bar right here should hold it up so it doesn't get in the way. And now the PCM is revealed. All right. Now that the PCM is revealed, you get a 13-millimeter socket and your ratchet, then all you do is just remove this part right here.All right. Loose enough. Unscrew it with my hand. [inaudible 00:05:56] All right. Now that the first one's removed, you can lift this up to get the bottom one easier. So, you do the same thing. Just press the button and the latch should lift up right there and wiggle it out. There you go. We got the PCM removed. All right. Now that you got the PCM removed, all you gotta do is just remove this from the stock and then put on the new unlocked PCM. So, you get a 10-millimeter in your ratchet to unscrew this. One this is loose enough, just unloosen it. All right. First one done, now the second. [inaudible 00:06:57] And there you go. Removed from the stock and now we're gonna add it back to the unlocked one.All right. Now we got the unlocked PCM, we're just gonna add it back. We're just gonna reverse the process as we're moving it. So, just put it back, make sure it's tied in there all the way. So, do as much as you can with your hand first. All right. That one is good. There we go. And remember, 10-millimeter socket and just tighten it. All right. That one is good. And they're both good. And now's ready to be put back in place.All right. From here, now it's just basically just adding it back. So, these are color-coded. So, the top one matches at the top one. So, we're gonna do with gotta do the bottom one first. So, just put it in there. You try your best to reattach them. All right. So, the bottom is done. Now, just the top one, same thing. All right. So, once you get it in, lock the latch. There you go. It's locked. Make sure they're secured. Looks good. All right. So, now we're gonna re-screw this back into place.And, you get your 13-millimeter again and just tighten it. There you go. All tightened. Now, you put this back down because everything's done right here. Put this back down. There you go. All right. So, now we're gonna put back the cabin filter in. So, slide in there and make sure this snaps on. Now the cover. There you go. All right. So, now we put back these pins here. So,'re supposed to have four, but I only have three, in this case. One right here and here. Just push them down. They go in pretty easy. And this one here. Then if you have another one, then it would be right here. All right.So, now we're down with the hood. Then we're gonna reconnect this negative terminal here. Just put it back on and careful. Just tighten it. All right. There you go. All right. So, now you're gonna head to the driver's seat and get your tuner device, then get your OBD cable and plug it into the port down here. Very good. Now it should start turning on and setting up.All right. So, now we're gonna get into the tuning part of this process. So, before you tune your vehicle or anything, make sure your I tuner is on the latest update to have the best settings on in here. So, we got three options, tune vehicle, course to tune, scan to check engine codes and clear them, and settings where you go to your Wi-Fi configuration. But now what we're gonna do, we're gonna do the tuning process. So, it says make sure it's in run position. So, just put it in run, don't start the engine. Continue. Please wait.So, we got easy tune, advanced tune, and restore backup. So, right here, we're just gonna do the easy tune. Make it simple. And here we got four options, 91 octane, the Diablo tune, or the 91...wait the 93 Octane and the Diablo tune, the 91 octane, 87 octane, and the miles per gallon [inaudible 00:12:16] You probably can't see them here, but they're blacked out. So, we're just gonna go for the 91 octane. Select tune, 91 octane. Please wait. Yes. So, we're just gonna install tune, 91 octane. Yes. I'm gonna do a performance tune between tire size, no, move speed limiter? Yes. It's up to you. Of course, whatever you wanna do. Install this tune? Yes. [inaudible 00:13:06] And now the tuner is just gonna do its job. All you gotta do is just follow directions and should be good to go. But here, you're just gonna tune it. It takes...expect it to take like, up to five minutes. It's pretty fast. The whole process. And yeah. Now your vehicle's tuned just like that.So, your car is gonna be beeping. Don't worry, that's just how it is. But there's gonna be multiple of these. It's just's not just this one. I think there's like four, but they go relatively quickly. So, as we're coming up to 100%, get ready to press the off button here. It's gonna, now it says press off. Don't start driving. So, make sure you press off. Continue. Wait three seconds. Now it says press on. Don't start the engine. Boom. So, now off again. Just press off. Continue. On.So, now your gear shifter is gonna be blinking like crazy, but that's how it's supposed to be. So, don't worry about that. And now you just wait to 100% again. All right. Coming up to 100% again, press off, continue, on, continue. So, it's just simple following directions. Anyone could do this here. A hundred percent. And there you go, tuning complete. And now we could take this vehicle for a drive and it's all ready to go. And that's it.Jake: That's gonna do it for our review and install of the DiabloSport Intune I3 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit for 2015 to 2017 5.7-liter HEMI Chargers. Thanks so much for watching. And remember, for all things Charger, be sure to stick with us right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner
      • PCM Swap Kit Included
      • Overall Improved Performance
      • New-Generation Technology
      • Diagnostics for Your HEMI
      • Increased Torque and Horsepower
      • Unique Pre-Loaded Fine Tunes
      • Designed for All 2015-2017 5.7L HEMI Dodge Charger Models


      Pocket-Sized Proficiency Tool. Your Dodge Charger comes straight-out of manufacturing tuned for easy drives, but you can increase that with the Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit. This excellent piece of technological advancement allows you to reconfigure and fine-tune your HEMI to your liking. With the Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner, you may obtain additional torque, throttle, and power.

      Wi-Fi Accessibility. The Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner is WiFi accessible, and all it takes to update its software is a solid internet connection. Linux, Windows, and Mac OS are all supported by the DiabloSport Tuner.

      Secured Data Recording. The Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner analyzes and records real-time vehicle data including air and gas ratio, acceleration, airflow, and exhaust gas temperature as a reference in the event you wish to look back at your HEMI's prior performance.

      Programmer Prepared. The Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner also works as a tune programmer, handling DTC codes for you instead of having to pay specialists big money for a simple task.

      Default Tuning Enabled. If you're not satisfied with your custom tuning and think you could get more mileage out of your old vehicle setup, the Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner can easily give a default reset for you; simply unplug the tuner and choose the factory restoration option.

      PCM Swappable.This PCM Swap Kit includes an inTune i3 Tuner and a single-use PCM unlocked cross shipping for your Chrysler/Dodge/RAM vehicles. This means you'll need to swap out your factory-locked PCM for a DiabloSport-modified PCM, while also submitting the vehicle's original PCM. PCMs that have been recovered, refurbished, or discovered in a chop shop will not be accepted as core returns. To initiate this process please visit the following website and follow the prompts - Click Here.

      CARB Approved. This product is compliant with California's emission regulations and is sold as a commercial product in all 50 states of the USA.

      Installation. professional installation is not required, this product can be plugged in and used within 20 minutes.

      Application. The Diablosport inTune i3 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit is programmed for all 2015-2017 5.7L HEMI Dodge Charger models.



      Diablosport 8320-R

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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