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Dodge Charger Supercharger Kits & Accessories

2.7L V6, 3.5L V6, 3.6L V6, 5.7L V8, 6.1L V8, 6.2L V8 Supercharged, 6.4L V8

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Dodge Charger Supercharger Kits & Accessories

Dodge Charger Supercharger Kits and Accessories

Adding different upgrades to your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to boost the performance of your ride and make it more enjoyable. There are many aesthetic enhancements available, such as body kits and trim pieces, but the most exciting upgrades are intake and supercharger kits. These enhancements increase the power output of your engine and allow you to drive faster and more capably with your car. When you're willing to invest in these high-performance components you can change how it feels to drive your car and make your muscle car more enjoyable to use.

Get All the SuperCharger Components You Need

If you want to equip your 5.7 Hemi with a supercharger to transform its power output to make it impressively powerful, you must get the supercharger as well as the intercooler and any of the additional pipes and components involved in the upgrade. Many times you'll also want to upgrade the fuel injectors and fuel pump on your vehicle to get the power you want from an upgrade kit. All these enhancements take time and effort to make, but when you combine them together you get impressive results. Transform your car using a Dodge Charger supercharger kit and:

  • increase the horsepower of your vehicle
  • raise the torque and acceleration
  • make your vehicle more enjoyable to drive
  • get all the necessary upgrade components

If you're careful to choose upgrade parts meant for your car specifically you should get the supercharger and all the necessary installation components with your purchase for many vehicles. That means you'll have all you need to enhance your ride and make it stand out. This is important if you care about raising the performance of your car in a significant way. When you get one of the kits that doesn't come with all the parts you need, you'll have to choose additional components to get with the set. All the intake and exhaust parts are available at American Muscle, but you may have to work with a professional to help you get the parts you want to make your upgrade happen. That will take time and effort to accomplish properly.

Boost Your Car's Power Substantially

When the right supercharger components are added to your car they increase the density of air that travels to your engine and help generate more power during combustion. These supercharger kits feature impressive intake and cooler components that cool and condense the air as it travels to your engine to make it more dense. They work together to create thicker air that will generate serious power when combined with a greater stream of fuel to your engine. Increase both the air and fuel output to your engine and you'll enjoy more intense power generation and extreme performance gains. This is the real reason to get a supercharger for your car and it's exactly why so many people work with American Muscle to get fitting components to upgrade to. If you spend the time to find matching supercharger and intake components, you can make your Charger more powerful and increase its responsiveness as well. Making just a few key changes to your vehicle it all it takes to make it stand out, and that's exactly what the most dedicated car owners want to do. Don't rush to add performance-enhancing parts to your car. Instead, choose a complete supercharger kit, or another upgrade kit that comes with the parts you need that will power up your car all at once. You'll enjoy the simpler upgrade process when you go this route, and that will help you come to appreciate your enhancements more.

Fitment Includes:

  • Base, Daytona, Daytona 392, Daytona R/T, GT, GT Plus, Pursuit, R/T, R/T 392, R/T Road & Track, R/T Scat Pack, Scat Pack, SE, SRT 392, SRT Hellcat, SRT8, SXT, SXT Plus, SXT Plus Leather
  • 2.7L V6, 3.5L V6, 3.6L Pentastar V6, 5.7L HEMI V8, 6.1L HEMI V8, 6.2L HEMI V8, 6.4L HEMI V8

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