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Whipple Supercharger & Parts

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Whipple Supercharger & Parts

Enhance the performance of your car’s engine with a Whipple supercharger and the necessary accessories from American Muscle. Adding a supercharger to your car pushes more oxygen into your engine and allows more power to be produced from the same number of engine cycles. Adding a supercharger makes your engine more powerful and more efficient too, and it’s an impressive upgrade to most vehicles, but especially sports cars that come equipped with more capable engines. There are many different types of superchargers available today, but Whipple superchargers are capable and can add more than 100 horsepower to your car while raising the torque figures as well. Learn how these parts stand out and what upgrade options are available to you as well.

Cooling and Upgrading Your Engine with a Whipple Supercharger Kit

While other supercharger kits just focus on increasing the power of the engine without actually cooling it or optimizing engine life, Whipple supercharger kits come with advanced intercoolers, intake components, and upgrades to help protect your engine and keep it cool as well. By adding one of these kits to your car, you’ll increase the power of your engine, and you’ll make it more durable as well. You’ll be impressed with how much power you can squeeze out of the engine under the hood of your car, and when you use a high-quality kit such as the products offered by Whipple, your engine will run cooler and last longer too.

  • Serious performance gains
  • Enhanced engine cooling
  • A more aggressive engine bay
  • Complete kits or individual upgrades

The right Whipple supercharger kit is designed to fit your vehicle with precision. When you match a kit to the engine and the type of vehicle you have, you can get impressive results for your ride. You’ll enjoy the enhanced performance of your vehicle, and all the parts will install with a simple bolt-on installation process. That means your mechanic won’t have to cut or weld your vehicle, and the process won’t require that much time to complete. While other supercharger kits require extensive modifications to do work, these kits go in easily and quickly.

Upgrading with a Whipple Supercharger and Other Components

A Whipple supercharger is a huge upgrade for most sports cars, but it’s not the only improvement you can make to your vehicle. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to increase the power of your vehicle, you could invest in intercoolers, throttle bodies, spark plugs, engine blocks, and more to cool your engine, slightly improve its power output, and more. You can still improve the performance of your ride without spending the money that’s required for a supercharger, and you’ll be impressed by the performance you can gain. Of course, a supercharger is a larger upgrade and a more exciting one, but you always have options to work with. At American Muscle, there are dozens of engine upgrades and even more suspension and steering upgrades available for your specific car. Look through the aftermarket parts that are available and use the selection to help you choose parts that will take your vehicle to the next level. You’ll love how much additional performance you can get from your ride with the right parts installed on it, and many of them don’t take long to put on either. Examine the different upgrade opportunities available for your car and make changes that you’ll love over time. For some people, that means upgrading the engine to make it faster, while others will focus on the aesthetic improvements to help their car stand out more. You need to determine what changes are the most important to you and then focus on those first before anything else.