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K&N Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

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K&N Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

Add power and usability to your vehicle at the same time using a K&N air filter and cold air intake. Adding just an upgraded air filter to your vehicle can increase the airflow to your engine and improve performance while protecting it more effectively. Adding in a K&N cold air intake as well gives you an even greater performance gain and can help your vehicle drive differently. A cold air intake brings colder air to your engine, which gives it more oxygen to burn for greater power output. Both of these simple upgrades can result in performance improvements for your car, and they’re affordable purchases. American Muscle offers a mix of both parts from K&N, and they are made from durable materials and designed for an exact-fit installation.

Boost Power and Protection with a K&N Air Filter

Adding an upgraded air filter to your vehicle protects the engine while increasing performance at the same time. The filters from K&N allow air to flow more freely while still offering reliable protection. These filters are reusable and washable and designed to last for a long time compared to disposable filters. If you don’t mind washing your air filter, you can save money by investing in these high-quality upgrades for your car. Add one of these filters and safeguard your engine more effectively while making it more efficient too. Adding K&N air filters and cold air intakes offers these benefits:

  • boosts horsepower
  • Simple drop-in installation
  • washable filter
  • back by long-term warranty
  • increases air flow
  • built to last

For intakes or filters to improve the function of your vehicle, they need to be the right type. You want an option that fits your engine properly, and that means choosing a product that’s designed for your engine specifically. Take the time to learn which engine is in your car and then choose products from American Muscle that are made specifically for your engine. When you match a K&N air filter to your carp properly, it will perform at a higher level than the OEM filter, and you can get a longer lifespan from it as well. It’s a good investment and just one of the ways that you can protect and enhance your ride.

k&n cold air intake

If you want to get more performance from the stock engine in your car, or even an upgraded engine, you can do so using a K&N cold air intake. These carefully designed parts are made to fit with precision and to last for many years once they’re installed. The intakes are designed to insulate the air inside from the hot air within your engine bay. These intakes are also engineered to allow a higher flow of air to your engine as compared to stock intakes. Thanks to all these different improvements over a stock intake, you can get more power from your vehicle than you would when using your engine setup as stock. This one upgrade is affordable to make, and it’s easy to install, so you won’t spend much time or money paying a mechanic to do the work. American Muscle offers a large selection of carefully matched performance parts for sports cars. If you want your car to output more power, or to feel different when you drive it, consider adding intakes, exhaust components, or other performance enhancements to your ride. You can make changes in a range of different budgets, and even simple upgrades can offer serious benefits. Take the time to match your upgrades to your vehicle with care, and you will be surprised at what performance gains you can get from a modest investment with the right components.