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Sprucing Up Your Challenger’s Interior: Trim Accents

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You spend most of your time inside your Challenger, driving it, rather than admiring it from afar. Modifying your interior to suit your tastes and style will only add further enjoyment to your ride as well as inspire passengers. Make your Challenger's interior unique with a variety of interior trim accents.

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A Challenger’s exterior sees a lot of love. It’s the first thing everyone observes, and the details you add to the exterior speaks a lot about who you are. They tell other drivers little things about the owner and their particular taste in cars. The first thing you see every day is the interior though and anyone worth their salt in your list of friends will spend their fair share of time in the car with you in there.

Dressing the Interior

When you’re out looking for ways to dress up your Challenger you’ll find that there are quite a bit of things that can be added to the interior. Addressing the interior and adding trim and covers is a great way to both personalize and protect the vehicle. Challengers are modern day classics and anything you can do to protect the interior now will line your pockets later.

Dash Overlay Kits

The dash of the Challengers is a great big wide surface that draws plenty of attention from the driver and passengers. To add a major personal touch, one can throw an overlay on top of the dash. These are fabric materials that can come in a variety of different fabrics and colors to help emphasize a personalized feel. They can also come with custom lettering if you were interested in adding a signature to the style.

Dash Protection: The dash of the car is exposed to harsh sunlight all day long. If there’s anything to know about Dodge dashes it’s that they have a hard time staying intact after years of abuse from the sun. A dash overlay is a great way to protect the dash from cracking and fading in these conditions. One may want to consider one solely because of this fact.

Door Inserts/Arm Rest Covers

The stitched leather Dodge puts on the Challenger doors is an awesome touch that provides the perfect classic feel of a muscle car. Some may feel that these areas are blank canvases though. Inserts for the door and armrest can be purchased with custom engraving and lettering to take advantage of these areas.

Protecting Hard Parts: A classic Mopar with as many original parts as possible goes for big money. Hard parts like door inserts and arms rests are the kind of thing guys will be scouring junkyards for in the next 20 years. By covering these components up with inserts, you will protect your car’s market value for when it becomes a collector’s car down the road.

Speaker Bezels

The speakers on the car blend in with the rest of the interior components. This factory style gives the car a very clean, very raw look. Some will want to address this area though. Speaker bezels are a small touch you can make to transform the look of the car in a subtle manner. Whether they are used on their own or in combination with other decorative parts it’s surprising how much this modification can do for the look of the car.

Shift Boots

The factory shift boots in the car are very clean feeling by tucking clean into the dash. For a performance look to match the short throw shifter, one may want to pick out a proper shift boot. Boots can come in a variety of materials and colors; they may also come with custom patterns and lettering. This is another small touch that can be done on its own or in combination with other mods to emphasize a personal feel greatly.

Switches, Handles, Knobs 

The blacked-out interior of the Challenger is emphasized with more black parts. To break things up you can add a little bit of shine to small parts. Switches, handles, and knobs can all be fitted with chrome or stainless steel covers. This is another way to protect hard parts, which is great for resale value. This is also a great way to pay homage to the first-generation Challengers of the 1970s. The interior was usually black and chrome parts were used to peer through the black background.

Door Sill Plates

The door sill of the Challengers is an area that can be addressed to make a big difference in the feel of the car. The door sill may not be seen often, but door sill plates are parts that can come in different designs and have custom lettering in them. This is also a good way to give your third gen Challenger the feel of the first gen. Door sill plates were a big deal and most every Dodge came with them from the factory.

Paint Protection: The door sill will see a lot of abuse with passengers stepping in and out of the car. It may only be a little bit at a time but over a few years the damage can add up to a significant issue. A door sill plate is a great way to protect the original paint in this area and will keep your resale value intact.

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