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SR Performance Cold Air Intake (11-23 3.6L Charger)

Item CR3312
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys, I'm Eric with AmericanMuscle. In this video, we're gonna do a review and install of this SR Performance Cold Air Intake, fitting all 2011 to 2019 Dodge Chargers with the 3.6-Liter V6. You should really be checking this out if you want a serious upgrade and styling for your engine bay, but also a serious upgrade to your daily driving experience as well. Now, when I think of cold air intakes and this one, in particular, there are three things that really stand out to me that I like. First one, particularly with this kit is the styling upgrade. You get the polished aluminum tubing here that really dresses up the engine bay, and combined with the black filter and the black heat shield that surrounds the filter, I think it's really a nice dress up for this particular Charger, but, in general, I really liked the polished aluminum.The other aspects of cold air intakes that I like is the improvement in daily driving experience. Now, you do get a little bit of a horsepower and torque increase through a cold air intake, but more importantly, you get smoother throttle response. And that really shines through with that smooth increased airflow through the high-flow air filter that comes with this kit. And lastly, what I like about this kit and cold air intakes, in general, is they serve as a nice platform or a gateway to additional performance mods that you might wanna add to your car down the road. Now we're thinking 3.6-liter V6, not a super high-performance engine, but if you put that in context, and I might be dating myself a little bit here, when I was growing up and muscle cars were kind of making their resurgence again, back in the '80s and the '90s, they were only making around 200 to 225-horsepower. Corvettes might've been making a little bit more than that. This engine makes more horsepower than all of those cars back in the '80s and the '90s.So it definitely puts it in a more performance category compared to cars of old. Now, if you wanna squeeze every ounce of power and performance you can get out of your engine, a good way to start is with a cold air intake, especially if you're gonna add a throttle controller or a tuner down the road. Now you don't necessarily need a tuner with this cold air intake, but AmericanMuscle, we do recommend adding a tuner to get every ounce of performance you can out of this new intake. Now, when you think of a new intake and a cold air intake for your engine, it's really not a complicated setup. You basically have some tubing and a high-flow air filter. Now this performance air filter that comes with this kit has special materials in it that will still keep contaminants out while letting a lot of air flow through.Now, when you compare this to other cold air intakes out there, this one is currently priced around $150. That's extremely reasonable. You could be looking at paying twice as much for certain other branded cold air intakes. And to be quite honest, I don't know what you're getting for all that extra money, and especially concerning the fact that you have this nice, polished aluminum. You're not buying a bargain basement cold air intake here. This is really quite a nice kit.As far as the installation goes, guys, very basic one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Give yourself about a half-hour to get the job done. A couple of basic tools, which I'm about to show you here in a second are all you're gonna need to get this installation done in your own garage. So let's take a look at those tools we're gonna need, and go ahead and get this thing installed in our Charger. All right, guys, tools you're gonna see in this install are an electric impact wrench, an extension, a Phillips head socket, 8-millimeter and 14-millimeter sockets, a pick tool, and some form of 14-millimeter wrench you'll also need.All right, guys, now to get us started, we're gonna take the top engine cover off here and that'll give us better access to the factory intake, which we're gonna have to remove. All right, guys, the first thing we're gonna do here is we're gonna disconnect this plug right here. Just pull that lock tab out and that should come free. And now we're gonna loosen this clamp here. You're gonna need an 8-millimeter socket for that.All right, guys, now you need to disconnect your breather hose here. It should just pull out, like that. Kind of tuck that up out of the way. We're gonna take out this bolt here. This is part of the bracket that holds your factory airbox in. Again, another 8-millimeter socket for this one. Now, at this point, once you've done that, all that's holding the factory airbox and intake in is a couple of rubber grommets. So we should be able to just pull up on it and remove it altogether.All right, guys, now we have our factory intake out. I want to throw it up here on the table and do a little side-by-side comparison next to our SR Performance cold air intake. Now really, obviously, what really stands out is you're getting these polished aluminum tubes as part of your new SR Performance kit. That's gonna be a real big styling upgrade. This is basically black plastic and rubber, and it's not very stylized. It's very basic and it's just meant to get the basic job done. Now we're dressing it up so your engine bay is really gonna look a lot more performance-oriented and just a nice overall refined polished look. So I think that is really the biggest standout in the side-by-side comparison. So let's go ahead and get this sucker mounted up on our Charger.All right. Now we're gonna remove this sensor in this rubber grommet. We're gonna reuse those for the installation of our new SR Performance kit. So to remove the sensor, just grab it here and turn it counterclockwise. It's about a quarter turn. Then it should come out. And to get this rubber grommet out, it just slides out of the bracket here. It's a little tight. And hold onto that, we're gonna reuse this. All right. Couple of more things we're gonna do up here on the table, guys. Go ahead and grab this bracket out of your kit and that rubber grommet we just took off of the factory intake, go ahead and slide that on so that the rounded edge is kind of facing away from the bracket as you see it there. Set that aside.Now, the sensor that we just removed from the factory intake, go ahead and grab a pick or maybe like a really small flat-bladed screwdriver, you need to remove this little O-ring. And that little O-ring is right here, goes around... As you're doing this, be careful not to break any of this material right in here. That's for the sensor and it's kind of thin metal material. Like that. You're not gonna need that O-ring. All right. Now, go ahead and grab this little donut-shaped black rubber grommet, we need to get it inside this hole that's on the curved piece of polished aluminum from your kit. And just kinda twist it around like that and work it in like that. And this is gonna be where we get our sensor in here. Kind of twisting it in, it's a little firm. I'm not trying to over-torque it because the sensor does have a plastic body and I don't wanna break it. That's in there nice and firm. Now I just wanna make sure that the sensor is sticking out there. It's gonna be able to do its job.All right, guys, now go ahead and grab the intake shield here from your kit. You should have two lengths of rubber stripping here. One is slightly longer than the other one. The short piece, we're gonna put up across the top here and at this corner. And then the longer piece is gonna go along the bottom and the underside here.These are pretty good quality rubber strips here. They're fitting on nice and snugly, which is what you're gonna want. You're not gonna want this coming apart after you have it installed. All right. So I'm gonna grab a cutting tool, we're gonna just trim the end off here. All right, guys, now as I was actually working that, I was thinking I was gonna have to trim this, but actually, it pinches down nicely on the corner there. And you'll see on these rubber strips here that there are kind of metal clamps kind of built into the rubber at the ends that kind of provide a little bit of extra pinching force to help hold it on here. And that's wedged in there nice and tight on that corner. So I'm actually not gonna trim that because I don't wanna eliminate that metal clip at the end of the rubber strip. So let's go ahead and get our other one mounted on.All right. Well, I was able to turn a 90-degree there onto the metal bracket. We'll see if that fits. If that fits, we're gonna leave it as is without trimming. It's like I said, you don't necessarily wanna trim this rubber stripping because it does have that metal kind of built into the part where it pinches onto our bracket here. So I'm gonna go ahead with the next step. All right, guys, now go ahead and grab this reducer coupler. It's larger on one side than the other. On your kit, as well as one of the smaller clamps in your kit, this smaller end is gonna fit onto your throttle body here. So go ahead and get your clamp started and make sure the clamp is oriented in a way we're gonna be able to access it with the tool. I'm just gonna snug it up right now. I'm not gonna fully tighten it at this point. And an 8-millimeter socket will work on this or a Phillips head screwdriver.And just enough to hold it on there. Like I said, don't wanna tighten it up too much at this point. We're still gonna want a little bit of play in this as we fit all the other pieces on. All right, guys, now go ahead and grab this rubber grommet out of the kit. You can see there's a threaded end down here in the bottom, and what's gonna happen is when we put a bolt in there to mount our bracket or our heat shield, basically, and tighten it up, that's gonna cause this to shorten up and it's gonna end up pinching this hole right here, and it's gonna hold it in place like a grommet. So all you gotta do is drop that in for right now. All right, guys, now go ahead and drop your heat shield in. Be a little snug now that we have this rubber strip on there. And now we have the bolt started, go ahead and tighten it up using a 14-millimeter socket.All right, guys, go ahead and grab the factory bolt that we removed from this spot right here. We're gonna use that to tighten this end of our heat shield off. And you're gonna need an 8-mill socket for this. All right, guys, now if you remember, we mounted this grommet into the bracket earlier. And go ahead and just slide it onto this stud right there. This is gonna end up supporting the tubing as we mount it up here. All right, guys, now go ahead and grab this funnel-looking piece. This is gonna be the base that our air filter is gonna mount on. So bring it on inside here. And then kind of hold that on. Go ahead and grab this rubber connecting piece and slide it on.Now, if you notice as I turn this kind of how it'll orient the air filter further back or further up. Obviously, you're gonna wanna orient it little bit further back. Otherwise, you're not gonna have enough clearance up against the back of your headlight right here. So let's have it oriented like that. And go ahead and grab a clamp, and again, an 8-millimeter socket to tighten up the clamp. And as you're tightening up, just make sure that the coupler and this piece right here are pushed together tight so we have a nice tight pinch on your heat shield. All right, guys, go ahead and grab another one of these clamps, slide it on here, and then go ahead and grab the straight pipe out of your kit.Then just kind of orient your clamp right here so you can access it. And again, use an 8-millimeter socket to tighten it up. I'm just gonna make it snug for right now still leaving it a little bit loose so we can adjust as needed. All right, guys, go ahead and throw a clamp on this connection piece right here. Get it started on the short end of your curved pipe. And then get the top end of your curve pipe started. We're gonna connect them down below here. Actually, before I do that, we'll get one more clamp on here.All right, guys, I just realized you have enough slack here to pull this back out. You do need one more clamp up top here. Get that started. All right, guys, now take this bracket, we're actually gonna slide it down one and put it on the stud here with the grommet. And because we have a little bit of play in our system here with our clamps all being loose, we can move this around as we need to. I'm gonna grab a wrench and we'll tighten that down. That's a 14-millimeter bolt. All right, guys, now we're gonna tighten up these clamps up here by the throttle body. Again, these are 8 millimeters.All right. Go ahead and reconnect your sensor. Guys, go ahead and grab one of the lengths of rubber tubing in your kit and fit this small clamp on there. Get that seated, and then we can reconnect our breather hose. All right. Go ahead and tighten up this small clamp here, I'm gonna use a Phillips head bit for this. All right, guys, go ahead and grab the largest clamp out of your kit, slide it over top of your filter, get your filter on, and we'll tighten it up. This one also is an 8-millimeter socket. All right. Go ahead and replace your engine cover.Okay, guys, that wraps up this review and install of the SR Performance Cold Air Intake, fitting all 2011 to 2019 Dodge Chargers with the 3.6-Liter V6. And for all things Charger, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Improves Airflow for More Power
      • Increases Throttle Response and Performance
      • Polished Aluminum Intake Tube
      • Reusable High Flow Air Filter
      • Simple Bolt-On Installation
      • No Computer Re-Tune Required
      • Not CARB Certified
      • Fits 2011-2023 3.6L Dodge Charger Models


      Better Flow for More Power. An SR Performance Cold Air Intake is a great way to improve the power and performance of your 3.6L Pentastar V6 Charger. By replacing your Charger's restrictive factory intake with a high flow filter assembly you will see and feel a noticeable increase in rear wheel horsepower and torque. This SR Performance Intake not only improves airflow for an increase in power, but it will also add a show winning appearance to the engine bay with its brightly polished aluminum intake tube.

      No Tune Required. SR Performance engineered their Cold Air Intake to improve the performance of your V6 Charger without the need of reprogramming your computer. By utilizing flow dynamics, this Intake will increase power using the original factory tune. Even though a re-tune is not required for operation, AmericanMuscle recommends a custom tune to reprogram the vehicles computer (ECU) to get the best possible performance from this Cold Air Intake.

      Reusable Air Filter. The included high flow air filter effectively filters out power robbing particles with its multi layer design. The specially treated media creates a sticky surface to capture microscopic contaminants before they can enter your Charger's engine and do harm. Seeing that the filter is reusable there is no need to buy a new filter every few thousand miles. You can just clean the filter, re-oil it, and reinstall - saving yourself money in the long haul.

      Simple Bolt-on Installation. SR Performance designed their Cold Air Intake kit to be a direct bolt-on replacement. With no special tools or extra modifications required installation can be completed in under an hour. All parts and detailed instructions are included.

      Not CARB Certified. This SR Performance Cold Air Intake is not CARB certified, therefore it is not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emission standards. Not legal for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles; intended for off road use only.

      Application. This SR Performance Polished Cold Air Intake Systemfits 2011-2023 3.6L Dodge Charger models.

      SR Performance



      SR Performance CH1041

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Intake Tube - Curved
      • (1) Intake Tube - Straight
      • (1) Heat Shield
      • (1) Air Filter
      • (1) 6-inch Hose Clamp
      • (1) 4-inch Offset Velocity Stack Adapter
      • (1) 3.25-inch to 3.5-inch Reducer Coupler
      • (1) 3.5-inch Flex Coupler
      • (1) 3.5-inch to 4-inch Reducer Coupler
      • (1) 26-inch Edge Trim
      • (1) 20-inch Edge Trim
      • (1) 1/2-inch ID Grommet
      • (1) 5/8-inch Breather Hose
      • (1) 3.25-inch Hose Clamp
      • (4) 3.5-inch Hose Clamps
      • (1) 4-inch Hose Clamp
      • (1) #8 Mini Clamp
      • (1) 3/8-inch Bolt
      • (1) Rubber Insert
      • (2) 3/8-inch Washers
      • (1) L Bracket
      • (1) M8 Bolt

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