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SR Performance Lowering Springs & Parts

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SR Performance Lowering Springs & Parts

Lower your car closer to the ground and improve its cornering, efficiency, and racing performance overall using SR performance lowering springs. Lowering springs offer support to your vehicle while allowing it to fall lower to the ground without losing its stability. Lowering your car allows you to drive more efficiently and helps to prepare a vehicle for track racing as well. There are many different lowering kits, and some come with just the springs, while others are equipped with additional dampers and other components. It’s up to you to decide what group of components will meet your needs best overall and how to effectively prepare your ride for different driving conditions.

Improve Style and Handling Using SR Performance Lowering Springs

Boost the speed and cornering ability of your car while also helping it look more stylish using a set of SR performance lowering springs. These springs come in sets of four, and they’re designed to drop the height of your vehicle toward the ground by a small amount. Even adjusting the height of your ride slightly with these spring upgrades will help reduce squat, boost acceleration, and drop body roll when cornering. These slight improvements will make your car easier to drive ad should allow you to drive faster as well. It’s difficult to measure the specifics about your vehicle after the work is complete, but we can evaluate the car’s handling and track performance if that’s what the upgrades are for. Investing in SR performance parts will offer your vehicle some of the following benefits:

  • Lower center of gravity
  • Drop height of ride slightly
  • Enhances handling and performance
  • No serious modifications necessary
  • Upgrade car for track performance
  • Improve your vehicle’s durability

When selecting lowering springs for your car, you should get good results as long as you choose a quality product that’s made to fit your car specifically. At American Muscle, we separate products based on the size that they are offered. That means you can choose parts meant for your car easily, and you won’t spend much time considering other options instead. When you find the springs that you want on your car, you should have them professionally installed to get them to work the best that they can. It will cost more money to have this work done, but when you do, you’ll enjoy the performance gains to your vehicle even more. Even just dropping the height of your ride by an inch or two will make it feel different and will change up the way it performs as well.

SR Performance Lowering Springs Are Simple to Install

Compared to the other upgrade options that are available for your car, lowering springs aren’t too difficult to install at all. The parts go in quickly and offer real performance gains in less time. It’s advisable to have professionals put the springs on for you, but you shouldn’t have to deal with the extra costs or time that you would have to spend on parts that require extensive modifications to put in. Instead, these parts will slide in quickly and won’t require cutting or welding to install. There are many different performance parts available at American Muscle for you to choose for your vehicle. Lowering Springs are just one of the many different enhancements you can use to make your car stand out, drive faster, and perform at a higher level too. Consider all the other aftermarket parts and upgrades, including cold air intakes, replacement tires, and more, to help raise the capabilities of your car significantly, and you’ll start to see what additional improvements you should make to your ride.