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Mustang Car Covers

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Mustang Car Covers

Protect your car when it's not in a garage with durable Mustang car covers. A high-quality cover will help keep the elements off the paint finish of your car and also work to protect the interior of your ride when it's outside. We offer a wide range of cover options to choose from at American Muscle, but most are waterproof and designed for specific Mustang models. By choosing the right cover for your car, you'll add an additional layer of protection to your vehicle that's useful when parking it outdoors. We recommend getting a cover as well as for your Mustang, no matter which model you have, but they are especially useful if you don't have seat covers or other protective coverings in place on your ride.

Mustang Car Covers with Logo

The first consideration you should make when selecting Mustang car covers is the fit of the cover so that it matches your vehicle properly. Once that's sorted out, you can start looking at the appearance of the many different covers. We offer logo car covers that showcase the Ford logo so you can show off your ownership pride. We have covers in a variety of colors and finishes as well, making it easy for you to choose an option that suits your tastes nicely.


Invest in a quality car cover for your Mustang and it will:


  • Protect the finish of your car
  • Enhance the privacy of your car's interior
  • Extend the lifespan of your upholstery and other interior items
  • Reduce your need to clean your car's exterior


When choosing a car cover for your Mustang, you have to decide whether you're going to use that cover indoors or outside. The setting that you use the cover in really does matter, and you'll want a different type of cover depending on where you're parking your ride regularly. Outdoor covers are more durable and typically waterproof as well. Indoor covers are more breathable and designed to keep dust and grime off while still letting your car's surface breathe. Choose the right cover for your needs, but seriously think about getting one if your vehicle will be outdoors regularly. Adding a cover to your car could help keep others from knowing when you have expensive interior upgrades such as a stereo system as well, which will lower your risk while protecting your ride from the elements.

Waterproof Mustang Car Covers

If you are parking your Mustang outdoors regularly, you'll want to invest in a waterproof Mustang car cover. Waterproof covers keep the elements out most effectively, and they will prevent you from facing issues with ice and other problems you could run into in a cold climate. Our toughest outdoor car covers are made from waterproof material that's soft and protective at the same time. These covers lock onto your vehicle firmly and won't blow off in high wind conditions either. It's also important to look for UV-resistant and UV-blocking materials. It's vital that UV rays can't get through the cover, but you also want a product that can withstand UV rays itself, or your cover will wear out rapidly. When you get all of these elements right, you'll end up with a cover that will protect your Mustang reliably no matter where you store it. It's always best to keep your car in a garage when you can, but that's not always possible. Getting a good cover gives you that extra bit of protection to preserve the condition of your vehicle over time. Make the investment into a nice cover, and you'll be glad you did. Your car will look better for longer, and you'll enjoy a higher resale value thanks to your investment. Along with covers, we offer a range of other Mustang parts and upgrades. Consider investing in stylish wheels, body trim, and other enhancements to make your car stand out even more. You'll love the way your ride looks with these upgrades, and you'll be even more likely to want to show it off once they're installed.


Fitment Includes:

  • V6, GT, GT500, EcoBoost, Bullitt, Shelby, Boss 302, Mach 1, California Special or SVT Cobra Mustang

*Please see product pages for any exceptions.