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Mustang Cold Air Intake Kits

2.8L I6, 3.3L I6, 4.1L I6, 4.3L V8, 4.7L V8, 5.0L V8, 5.8L V8, 6.4L V8, 7.0L V8, Cobra, Dark Horse, EcoBoost, GT, GT350, GT500, LX, Mach 1, V6


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Mustang Cold Air Intake Kits

Increase the performance of your car by investing in an efficient Mustang cold air intake. In order for your car's engine to produce the power, it needs to bring in air filled with oxygen. The more oxygen that's present when your engine fires, the more power that's generated. A cold air intake is a powerful upgrade to the stock intake that comes on your Mustang because it helps bring even more air into the cylinders of the engine for firing. At American Muscle, we have a variety of different cold air intakes you can add to your car to up its power, torque, and its overall performance. Consider adding on a cold air intake along with other upgrades such as an enhanced exhaust system or improved fuel injectors. By making some or all of these upgrades, you can add power to your engine and improve the performance of your car.

Mustang V6 Cold Air Intakes

Different Mustang models have different engines, which is why it's important to choose a matching Mustang cold air intake to put on your vehicle. Matching up an intake means choosing an option that's meant for your Mustang model and year. We have Mustang V6 cold air intakes that are designed for high-performance and optimized to allow as much air to move in through to the engine as possible.


Invest in a top-quality cold air intake for your Mustang and you'll enjoy these benefits:


  • A more powerful Mustang
  • A more efficient engine
  • Slightly improved throttle response
  • An engine that improves even more with future enhancements


While looking at different cold air intakes for your Mustang, you should look closely at the filters included on the different parts. An efficient filter should keep the air that goes into your engine nice and clean during use without slowing the flow of air too much. Also, consider the maintenance that each intake option requires. An intake with a washable filter will be less upkeep than a product with disposable filters that require replacing. Get a part that will work for your car while requiring as little work from you as possible after it's installed.

Mustang GT Cold Air Intakes

We also carry a variety of Mustang GT cold air intakes to choose from. Many of these intakes are molded from plastic and designed to allow air to flow as efficiently through to the engine as possible. By offering a highly efficient pathway for air to flow through these intakes increase engine performance significantly and can boost power while driving. Cold air intakes are just one of the upgrades you can add to your Mustang to boost its performance. Consider adding a hood scoop as well to bring in more air to the engine compartment or upgrade the fuel injectors or the throttle body of your car to improve performance even more. These small upgrades all offer boosted performance in a small way that can add up to a significant enhancement when enough changes are made.


It can feel overwhelming choosing a cold air intake for your car and considering other engine upgrades for your ride. There are so many parts you can swap out and enhancements you can make to your vehicle. It's up to you to decide which changes are most important and what will give you the performance gains that you're after. Consider the different options we have available and make your Mustang into the car you want it to be. Whether you want to add a turbocharger to your ride or you invest in more subtle upgrades, you can take your car to the next level.


Fitment Includes:

  • V6, GT, GT500, EcoBoost, Bullitt, Shelby, Boss 302, Mach 1, California Special or SVT Cobra Mustang

*Please see product pages for any exceptions.