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Mustang Body Kits & Ground Effects

2.8L I6, 3.3L I6, 4.1L I6, 4.3L V8, 4.7L V8, 5.0L V8, 5.8L V8, 6.4L V8, 7.0L V8, Cobra, Dark Horse, EcoBoost, GT, GT350, GT500, LX, Mach 1, V6


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Mustang Body Kits & Ground Effects

Mustang Body Kits and Ground Effects

Exterior upgrades can transform the appearance of your car rapidly and effectively. If you want your vehicle to stand out for its looks, you can invest in high-quality car upgrades that will help you meet your goals. One of the most desirable improvements you can make to your car is a wide body kit. Adding one of these kits to your ride allows you to fully change the appearance of your vehicle all at once. When you pair one of the kits with performance tires you increase your traction and create a natural-looking upgrade at the same time.

Customize Your Car with Mustang Body Kits

Give your Mustang an upgraded style by adding special body kits to your ride that change its shape immediately. There are many different kit options to choose from at American Muscle, giving you the option to select different panel shapes and designs. Most of the wide-body kits include all the different body panels to completely change the appearance of your vehicle all at once. When you apply this kit to your vehicle you'll remove many of the body panels and replace them with these pieces for a new appearance. Add a Mustang wide body kit to your car and:

  • transform the appearance of your car
  • finish it with custom paint
  • work with a professional for a clean installation
  • create space for larger wheels and tires

When selecting one of these body panel kits it's important to choose a product that's made to fit your vehicle specifically. Look through the options and choose a product that's designed for the same year, make, and model of vehicle and for the same body type. When you do this you'll get a vehicle that will fit your ride well. If you're willing to invest into this upgrade for your car you'll transform the appearance of your ride all at once. There are body kits that are painted to match your vehicle's stock colors but most of the kits are unpainted and must be finished once they're installed. If you want to get the best results for your car you should choose an unpainted kit and work with an experienced professional to help finish your car and make it look natural. When you take care to work with experienced professionals you can use one of these high-quality wide body kits to transform the appearance of your car and make it look professional and natural. It's worth investing in additional exterior accessories for your vehicle as well to dress it up even more. Consider the different color finishes you want for your car and choose accessories that match that finish well.

Fit Wider Wheels and Tires

These Mustang body kit packages can be used to create additional space for oversized tires and wheels on your vehicle. If you want to upgrade to stylish new wheels for your car that help it stand out you should consider adding a wide body kit to your vehicle at the same time. By adding one of these kits to your vehicle you'll help maintain the aerodynamic performance of your car and effectively shield against debris from larger tires. These kits are shaped to expand the sides of most Mustang cars, giving you the ability to quickly transform the appearance of your car in a major way. If you want larger wheels, but you aren't sure which upgrades you should make, start with one of these body kit enhancements and then work your way to the wheels and tires for your car. You'll marvel at how much different your car looks with all these different modifications, and adding a body kit first makes the wheels and tires look natural on your vehicle. There are many different upgrade opportunities for a Mustang at American Muscle. Many of the upgrades are designed to enhance the look of your ride in one way or another. If you want your vehicle to stand out to everyone around you, it's important to spend time enhancing the body and adding additional exterior enhancements to make it stand out. When you do this you'll give your car a unique appearance and you'll love showing it off to everyone else around you.

Fitment Includes:

  • V6, GT, GT500, EcoBoost, Bullitt, Shelby, Boss 302, Mach 1, California Special or SVT Cobra Mustang

*Please see product pages for any exceptions.