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How to Install Russell Stainless Steel -AN Fuel Line Kit on an 05-10 Mustang GT

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Ford Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
  • 2 tools needed - Green for top / Blue for bottom Green is ⅝ Blue is 2/8
  • Box wrench 11/16 or 17mm
  • Rags for soaking fuel
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1. Park car in well ventilated area and / or ensure garage door is open.

2. Remove trunk material to access Fuel Pump Relay located on driver’s side trunk area.

3. Pull connector from relay. 

4. Attempt to start the car for 10 seconds. Do this 2 or 3 times to ensure as much fuel as possible is emptied from the lines.

5. Place a rag under the fuel rail connector on the driver’s side of the engine to soak any excess fuel

6. Remove the black covering from the fuel rail on the driver’s side of the engine. It will pop off with upward pressure.

7. Using the green tool, slide it over the metal fuel line and press into the connector while pulling on the back of the line to disconnect it. You will hear and feel it give when disconnecting.

8. Using the blue tool, slide it over the metal fuel line located under the master cylinder / brake fluid box. Push upwards on the blue tool while pulling back on the fuel line at the 90 degree bend. Some fuel will leak out but it will be minimal.

9. Using the box wrenches connect the Russell AN fittings to the Russell steel braided fuel line.

10. Place the 90 degree fuel line connector on the smaller female AN fitting. Place this fitting over the metal fuel line and apply downward pressure to seat the fitting. Once seated, test by firmly pulling up to ensure it is locked.

11. Route the fuel line so it is away from hot surfaces or moving parts as much as possible.

12. Place the male AN fitting into the factory fuel line and apply pressure while sliding forward to seat the AN fitting. Improperly seating the fitting will result in it popping off when fuel pressure is applied!!!

13. Double check all connections to ensure they are seated.

14. Replace Fuel Pump Relay connection in trunk.

15. Turn key to the ON position, you will hear the fuel pump kick on and pressurize the lines. If any of the 2 connections are not seated and locked they will pop off. Immediately turn the key off, soak the fuel up and redo the connections.

16. If all connections are seated properly, start the engine and check for leaks. Let engine idle for 5 minutes and also rev the engine through its RPM range to ensure the connections will hold under pressure. Installation instructions created and submitted by AmericanMuscle Customer Gaston Brown on July 6 th , 2016.