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How to Install a JMS PedalMAX Drive By Wire Throttle Enhancement Device 11-17 Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Small Slotted Screwdriver (included)
  • 8mm wrench
American Muscle
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Items Included in Package:

 PedalMAX Box

 PedalMAX Wiring Harness

 4 Pin Red de-sensitizing throttle plug

 Silicone lubricant

 Small slotted screwdriver

Step 1 Attach the PedalMAX box to the PedalMAX Wiring Harness and tighten the two slotted screws into place.

Step 2 Disconnect the negative battery connection using the 8mm wrench, note you will want to put your driver seat back (if power equipped) before disconnecting to allow room to access the underside of the dash. 

Step 3 Locate the pedal position sensor assembly under the dash; it is connected to the top of the accelerator pedal. Remove the red clip holding the wiring harness to the assembly and gently pull the harness plug off of the assembly. 

Step 4 Attach the Pedal Max Wiring Harness to the Pedal Position Sensor and to the original pedal sensor harness. Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the connectors (keep off the pin holes) to help keep moisture out of the connection and facilitate easy future removal of the connectors.

Step 5 a) Using the supplied zips ties attach the PedalMAX Box and wiring harness to the underside of the dash. Do not mount it to any moving parts such as the steering column. b) Gather any loose remaining wiring and secure with another zip tie to avoid any wiring hanging below the dash where is may catch on the drivers shoe.

Step 6 a) Reconnect the negative battery terminal, see step 2.

b) Turn the key to the on position and check to see that the green led light is illuminated on the PedalMAX box.

c) If you have a check engine light on turn the key off and wait for 45 seconds then turn the key back on, this will clear the check engine light code.

Step 7 Test drive the vehicle and enjoy. If you find the response is too aggressive you can connect the 4-pin RED desensitizing throttle plug, this will limit the response of the PedalMAX unit to 60%.

Installation Guide Created and Submitted by AmericanMuscle Customer, Tom M. on 6/14/16