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How to Install a Raxiom Clear LED Fog Lights on a 2012-2015 Mustang GT

Installation Time

45 minutes

Tools Required
  • Painters tape
  • Socket wrench
  • 10mm socket
  • Small flathead screwdriver/long flathead screwdriver
  • T25 Torx bit (for a drill or screwdriver)
  • Soft cloth (to lay grill on)
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Note: It is best to apply the parking brake and block wheels before starting work.

Also, disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.

Removal Procedure:

1. 05-12 Mustangs Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the (6) pushpins that hold down the radiator cover. To do this, pry up the top ring first, and then pry up the bottom ring. Remove the radiator cover by pulling up on the back of the cover and pulling it toward the back of the vehicle. (Note: 2010-12 Mustangs have (8) pushpins, but are removed the same way, along with the radiator cover.

2. 05-09 Mustangs: Remove the bolt that holds down the bumper post, using a 10mm socket. Do this on both posts. Using your hands, pull the bumper post upward and toward you, to pull it off the black clip (pictured to the right of the bolt) that holds it.

3. 10-12 Mustangs: Press in on the grill tab, until the lip that is securing the grill into the front bumper is released. Remove the lower tabs, and then the opposite side tab. You may find the removal of the tabs to be similar to 05-09 Mustangs as referenced below

4. 05-09 Mustangs: Be gentle as to not break any clips. Working on the top clip and using your hands, pull the grill and bumper post in opposite directions to slide the black grill tab toward you, and out of the red bumper clip. (Note: You may find it useful to also use a small flathead screwdriver to wedge the red clip up and slide the black grill tab toward you.)

5. 05-09 Mustangs: Now work on the bottom clip. Using a long flathead screwdriver, pry the bottom bumper clip up and slide the grill tab toward you. Do this for the remaining clips and tabs on the bottom and right side of the bumper. 

6. 05-12 Mustangs: Press down on the electrical connector to release both fog lights/bulbs and grill from the vehicle. Pull the grill out of the vehicle and onto a soft cloth for fog light removal.

7. 05-12 Mustangs: It’s best to work on one fog light at a time, because the left and right fog light mounts have opposite arm patterns. Remove the (4) Torx screws that secure the (Left) fog light mount to the grill. 2010-12 Mustangs’ grill and mounts will look different, but it’s generally the same process

8. 05-12 Mustangs: Once the mount is out of the grill, push out on the (Left) tab, away from the fog light. The (Right) tab will follow that. Now that the old fog light is out of the mount, it’s time to install the new fog light into the mount. (Note: The second picture is the empty mount. Make note of how the empty mount is aligned for when you put it back in the grill. 

9. Installation Procedure for 05-12 Mustangs: Take the new fog light out of the box and make note of which one is the (Left) fog light by noting the (L) on the back of the new fog light. Also, look for writing on the front part of the fog light to determine the top and bottom of the fog light. When the writing is visibly facing the correct way, the fog light should right side up. Place this fog light over the mount tabs and in reverse order of how you removed the old ones, install the new one by pressing the (Left) tab in and over the new fog light, and then the (Right) tab should follow.

10. 05-12 Mustangs: Put the new fog light and mount back onto the grill and tighten the (4) Torx screws.

11. 05-12 Mustangs: Repeat steps (7) through (10) for the (Right) fog light and mount.

12. 05-12 Mustangs: Place the grill back on the car bumper. Plug the electrical harness into the new fog lights, and make sure the wires are away from the radiator or any sharp objects. Reattach the negative battery cable and test the fog lights to make sure they work, before reattaching the grill into the clips.

13. 05-12 Mustangs: Remove the painters tape from the bumper below the grill, and reattach the grill by pushing the grill tabs into the bumper clips, starting with the top clip and then the bottom one. Then, push the tabs into the bottom clips, and (Right) side clips.

Push both bumper posts back into place and tighten both bumper post bolts. Make sure everything is tight and in place.

Enjoy your new Raxiom LED Fog Lights (05-12 GT)! 



Installation Guide Created and Submitted by AmericanMuscle Customer, Mark P. on 7/30/16