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Sandy White '08 Shelby GT500

I bought the car in 2010 and planned on “trying” to keep it stock. After a few months I eventually got the modding bug and ended up buying an SCT Tuner and JLT Intake. People always ask me what my “ultimate” Mustang would be, I am lucky enough to tell them that I drive my dream car every day! Did I mention it almost has 500 HP?



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I have only driven 2 manual transmission Mustangs, the 1st was the car that taught me how to drive stick shift.  The other is my current daily driver. A very memorable moment about my GT500 happened when I purchased a JLT CAI and SCT tuner.  I thought the car was powerful when I first purchased it but once these parts were installed wow! I’ve never thought a street legal car could have so much horsepower. I am really looking forward to some of my next mods (lowering springs and wheels). I would love to eventually take my GT500 across the country and find some of those great roads out west.  Not only does my daily driver almost lay down 500 WHP, it was also used for an inner office wall mural!