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Vortech Superchargers

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Vortech Superchargers

Boost your car’s horsepower and torque both using Vortech superchargers and improve the accelerator response as well as drive-feel of your car at the same time. A supercharger compresses the intake air and pushes it into your engine to allow it to generate more power during combustion. Superchargers are offered in different types and sizes, and Vortech models are known for their high level of performance and their simplicity during installation. Some car owners only install the essential components to make a supercharger function, and others add a range of fuel, intake, and exhaust upgrades to make their car as fast as possible. You have both options available to you and can improve the performance of your vehicle either way.

Raise Your Engine’s Power Dramatically Using a Vortech Supercharger

If you’re interested in raising the performance of your vehicle, one of the most effective ways to do so is to add a Vortech supercharger into your engine bay along with other essential components. A single supercharger can raise the power of your vehicle by as much as 120 horsepower when installed properly, and that doesn’t even consider all the other enhancements that you can make to your vehicle as well! Adding an effective supercharger to your car brings some or all of the benefits to your ride:

  • Improve horsepower and torque
  • Requires an expert installation
  • Centrifugal supercharger design
  • Customize the look of your engine bay
  • Requires a custom tune

The most important step when selecting a supercharger for your car is to get a model that fits your vehicle and, specifically, your engine. The right model will have enough space in the engine compartment and an engine that’s compatible with the supercharger. When chosen properly, the supercharger will install onto your engine without any serious modifications necessary. This makes the installation process simpler to go through, and most of the parts will simply bolt into position to get them functioning. At American Muscle, we separate parts based on the vehicles they are designed to work with. That means as long as you know the model, year, and engine type of your car, you can get the right supercharger that will install as simply as possible. That means that you’ll enjoy the greatest performance increase and less work to complete the install.

Add a Vortech Supercharger Along with Intake and Fuel Delivery Parts

It’s rare for a car owner to only invest in a supercharger when hoping to boost the power of their ride. That’s because there are so many additional engine, intake, and exhaust improvements available for you to choose from that you could add as well. Along with a high-quality supercharger, you should think about adding intake parts like a throttle body or old air intake. You should also think about different fuel pumps, fuel rails, and other fuel system enhancements that will help ore fuel to make it to your engine so that the fuel can work along with the compressed air to generate even more power for your ride. Even if you get all the right components and have them installed on your vehicle by a professional, you will still have to go through the tuning process to make your new parts function properly. For this task, you will have to go to a professional tuner to have all the new upgrades optimized as much as possible. This is a costly procedure, but it will help your car run smoothly and perform at the highest level that it can as well.