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Dann White '03 GT

I’ve been driving this car every day since I bought it nearly 2 years ago. Spring, Summer, Fall, and even Winter. When I bought the car it was 100% stock and everything on it I've done myself.  The first thing I did was the catback.  My goal was just to daily drive the car and have fun with it and go fast, the mods just kinda came with time as I got bored, decided I needed more power, etc.  The biggest improvement came from my bama tune and 3.90 gears that I installed. Boost is next on my list of mods, and then comes the track to see what the new found setup will lay down.



Bama Tuning Specialist

I may be the only person to ever brave a winter with drag radials on a Mustang, while still daily driving it. I finally got them off in the spring (day late and a dollar short, right?), and I promptly finished those tires at our company picnic in the summer in a cloud of tire death smoke. I've been a Bama tuning specialist for 3 years now at AmericanMuscle.  I've changed up my own tunes a lot, I'm always tweaking here and there because on my own car I can do something crazy and not have to worry about what might happen to a customer - I enjoy experimenting on my own tunes and it has changed my outlook on modding my car because I see what everybody else does and I like to try to stray a little away from average.  I'm more likely to beat the piss out of my car than most people cause that's why I bought a Mustang, cause I love going fast!