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Mike Laser Red '99 Cobra

I sold the ’98, bought the ’99, and now I’m saving up for either a 5.0 stroker kit or forged internals and an Eaton swap to help reach my goal of 430whp! Unfortunately, I recently got in a minor fender bender and had to scratch the ’99 Cobra front bumper in favor of a Roush front fascia.

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Growing up, my cousin had a few different Mustangs. To this day, my favorite is his ’94 Cobra pace car. I remember going for rides with him with the top down on Sundays as one of my favorite memories. The first car I learned stick on was his ’95 Cobra, with the classic 302. I drove it my first time and was hooked. When it was time to look for a Mustang, I knew it had to be a Cobra, and it had to be manual. I enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school, and bought myself my ’98 Cobra as a graduation present. I drove that car to Arizona and loved it out there. The power was nice, but I’ve always been a Cobra R fan, so I planned to swap out the SRA for an IRS and give it a small power bump with a C head swap from a 99-01 Cobra when I found someone selling a stock, adult owned ’99 Cobra that already had the IRS, the better heads, and a Cobra R hood!