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How to Install PA Performance Alternator - 130 Amp on your Mustang

Installation Time

35 minutes

Tools Required
  • 13mm socket/wrench
  • 15mm socket/wrench
  • 10mm socket wrench
  • Serpentine belt tool 18mm
American Muscle
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1. Disconnect two electrical connections 

A. Lift rubber protective cover 

10mm socket wrench, remove bolt and electrical wire 

B. Unfasten connector with flathead screwdriver to disconnect 

2. Release tension on serpentine belt 

A. Place 18mm serpentine belt tool on lower pulley bolt 

B. With left hand push belt tool to release tension. Use right hand to take belt off from alternator pulley. (Very Easy)  (You can ask a friend for help with this too) 

3. Remove 2 main alternator bolts. 

A. Top bolt 13mm socket/wrench 

B. Bottom bolt 15mm socket/wrench 

4. Lift out and remove old alternator.

5. Insert new alternator

A. Align top bolt (13mm) and tighten with socket/wrench 

B. Align bottom bolt (15mm) and tighten with socket/wrench 

6. Reconnect electrical connections 

A. New 10mm bolt is included 

B. Reinsert electrical wire until clicks 

7. Place belt over pulley with the help of the serpentine belt tool 

A. With left hand push serpentine belt (or get a friend to help) very easy 

B. With right hand place belt over alternator pulley. 

C. Be sure serpentine belt is properly aligned and under the black roller.  

8. Job complete‚Ķ.time to celebrate another job well done! 

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