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Stephanie: Hey, guys, welcome to this episode of Hot Lap. It's an episode that I'm sure you've all been waiting for. I know we've been anticipating it ourselves. We're out here at Maple Grove Raceway for the Justin versus Stephanie race. Now, just to give you guys a refresher, I have a Hellion Twin Turbo Kit on my car, running about 10.5 pounds of boost, aero performance suspension, a couple other things like Catback exhaust, but my Twin Turbo Kit is really the moneymaker for me here today. I've done a couple things to my car to get ready for this race since you guys last saw it. I swapped out my rear shocks for a Viking double adjustables. I also have a BMR cradle lockout kit, hopefully, eliminate all of that wheel hop that I have. And I added an N2MB wide-open throttle box. Now, I'm not 100% sure if I'm gonna use the two-step or not, but it's there if I need it. 
Justin: You've been pretty busy, huh? 
Stephanie: A little bit. 
Justin: I like that. I'm kinda worried now. Well, I'm super excited about today, like Stephanie said. It's been a lot of comments. We've seen a lot of people asking about when the race is gonna go down. Well, here it is, guys, today at Maple Grove. We've got some great air. If you don't remember, TVS set up 80-millimeter pulley for my S197. Some BMR goodies in the back, Viking, Forgestar drag pack. And since the build, I also added a couple little things, a new tune for my friends over at VMP with an E85 mix. Baby Recaro seat in the back for my daughter because she loves to rip around with daddy, and MSD Two Step, some little things to try to help get this car off the line. Now, what these guys probably don't know is, we're pretty much learning our cars here today for everybody to see and everybody to comment on, which I'm sure is going to happen. So, we're basically learning these setups here for you guys today, and it should be interesting, to say the least. 
Stephanie: We are gonna be doing heads-up racing today. It's gonna be best of three, winner takes all. 
Justin: Now, us being us, we wanted to make this thing a little bit more interesting, so let me show you what we have in store. 
Stephanie: Here it is, guys, our lovely consolation prize, if you will, this amazing puke green thing with, like, 200 and something thousand miles on it. I can't believe it. 
Justin: I probably recognize that color. And wait, there's more. Oh, yeah, Lambo-ish doors, I guess. I don't know what you call this, but either way, guys, you're gonna wanna subscribe for more great content, including us racing, driving this terrible thing, because the loser of this race has to drive this turd to and from work all week long. I hope I don't lose, but either way, good luck to you. 
Stephanie: What hand did you touch the car with? 
Justin: Oh, good point. There we go. All right, let's get these things to the line. 
Stephanie: It feels good on the street. I mean, I know the car is quick. I'm hoping that I'll just learn something on my first pass and be able to improve from there. My main concern right now is getting the car down the track in one piece. I'm not 100% sure if anything's gonna break or the thing's gonna hold together or not. At the end of the day, though, I have a Twin Turbo car, so worse case, maybe I'll be able to catch up on the back end. 
Justin: I feel, probably, about as good as Stephanie does. I mean, we're both very, I'd say, nervous not essentially to race our cars but just to see what' it's gonna go. We're essentially learning these cars on the fly, and I'm sure whatever we do here today will not be the best of the car's potential. We should both have the power to be somewhere in the 10. I know I'd be happy if I left here today with a car in one piece and a 10-second time slip.
Felt good. That's one. That was a really, really close race. 
Stephanie: He definitely got me on that one. My car bogged hard on the launch. 
Justin: She was basically on my rear tire the whole time. 
Stephanie: I need to launch a little bit higher. But, now I know. 
Justin: 10.70 at 135. All right. 
Stephanie: 11.3 at 133. 
Justin: I got my 10. I'm happy. Way to go, Lucille. Daddy's proud of you. Way to go, Tessa. Good job back there.
How about it? I gave it another 500 RPM, so I left at 5. I lowered the tire pressure a little bit to about 15.5. 10.60, all right, I get a little better. One thirty-four, all right. There you go. Thank you, Lucille. You did awesome today, really stoked. Thank God I don't have to drive that piece of [inaudible 00:06:25] CRX. Uh-oh, we got issues, huh? 
Man: Driveshaft. 
Justin: Oh, no. Really? 
Stephanie: I was coming for Justin this time. I added more RPM with my launch, held the clutch a little bit. My car still wheel-hopped really bad, but I didn't even get out of first gear before I had an issue. I literally exploded this carbon fiber driveshaft that I have in my car. But, obviously, I mean, there's just carbon fiber everywhere, complete carnage. Of course, I lost but I'm gonna get this thing back on a trailer and figure out what I'm gonna do driveshaft-wise. 
Justin: I saw, as soon as I banged second, I looked in my mirror and I saw her back here and I was like, "Well, something must have happened." But I stayed in it and I went a little quicker that time. I went 10.60 at 134. And all in all, listen, man, I'm bummed, obviously, to see her car with 50 feet of carbon fiber driveshaft coming out the ass. But at the same time, I'm really happy with how my car did. Zero seat time in this thing to a 10.60 and a 10.70. It's hard to be disappointed with that. My goal today was a 10 and to not break, and check and check. Oh, and third check, I don't have to drive that turd. That's the biggest check. 
Stephanie: At the end of the day, I lost. Justin won. But, dude, seriously, I'm stoked for you. You had two awesome runs. 
Justin: I'll take it. Thank you. 
Stephanie: You got your 10-second times. 
Justin: I did. And, obviously, I hate to see you go out with a break, especially after that first pass when you were right on my tire. If you picked up a few tenths in the 60, you would have had something for me today, for sure, but... 
Stephanie: I was coming for you that second time. That .03 light. I was on my game.
Justin: Almost a perfect light. And I slept on the light. 
Stephanie: It does suck that I lost. 
Justin: And these guys have to remember, too, go easy on us, right? This is our first time out here. We haven't been at testing two nights. 
Stephanie: I'll take 11.3 and 133 for my first pass ever in this freaking car. I mean...
Justin: But in the meantime, a bet is a bet, and you lost fair and square. So, you have to drive that puke green, whatever it is. I can show you how those Lambo doors work, if you want. 
Stephanie: Oh, dude, you're gonna be a gentleman?

Justin: Let's do this. Well, Steph, here's your hot rod. A couple little tricks before you get in and drive this thing away. This is actually your key, so pay attention. Very important stuff here. Kinda nice little theft deterrent. Just open up your hood, turn the key on. Boom, just like that. Listen to her purr, all 200,000 miles of it.
Stephanie: Okay. I like the belt squeal. 
Justin: Let me show you how these Lambo doors work, okay? It's pretty fancy. You might actually get confused for, like, a Countach or Diablo, maybe. So, open and pull. 
Stephanie: Okay. Out and up? 
Justin: Out and up. 
Stephanie: All right. 
Justin: So, you need this. 
Stephanie: Okay. 
Justin: The windows don't go down, so I'd take a nice deep breath before you get in. And if you need to use the bathroom, just go ahead. Looks like somebody else already did. 
Stephanie: Let it rip? 
Justin: Let it rip. 
Stephanie: Just send it?
Justin: Just send it. Well, there you go, guys. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more crazy content like us racing and her possibly driving this thing all week long and her reaction. Something tells me you're not gonna want to miss it. Let me help you one more time, girl. 
Stephanie: Thank you. 
Justin: All right. 
Stephanie: Thanks. 
Justin: Godspeed. 
Stephanie: All right. 
Justin: And for all things Mustang and [inaudible 00:09:38] green CRX's, keep it here at 
Stephanie: Great responsive handling. It smells like burnt rubber. [inaudible 00:10:07] it's hot in here. I'll break the window out. Yeah, a little rev on that shift. I think I'm having more fun with this than I'm supposed to. 


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