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The Third Generation Mustang Coyote Engine

The Third Generation Mustang Coyote Engine

Ford has introduced a variety of engines over the years and has made some drastic changes to the full line up. The Coyote engine is no exception, and with the 2018 Mustang there are some notable differences.

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Coyotes Through the Years

When the Coyote first hit the streets in 2010, Ford fanatics were ecstatic over the Coyotes extra power and performance over the 4.6L 3-valve engine it replaced. Of course, Ford knew they couldn’t keep the Coyote at the original 412 horsepower and 390 ft-lbs of torque for the rest of its life. They spent the next few years tweaking the Coyote's tuning and playing around with other components to squeeze out more juice. With the release of the S550, Ford improved on the Coyote further by releasing new cam phasing controls and more aggressive camshafts. 2018 will prove to be an interesting year, as Ford is releasing another update to the almighty Coyote engine.

VIDEO: Ford Performance Coyote 5.0L Crate Engine Review

Engine Enhancements for 2018

Needing to keep the Coyote fresh and competing with the other manufacturers, Ford had to throw some new technology at the engine and put their best foot forward for 2018. The upgraded and updated Coyote brings several new features to the table over the “Gen 2” Coyote engine found in the 2015-2017 Mustang. The most prominent change to the Coyote platform is the dual injection fuel system now feeding the engine. With both port and direct fuel injectors found on the new Mustangs, Ford engineers (and aftermarket tuners!) will be able to extract more low end torque and better fuel economy from the Coyote. With the introduction of direct injection to the Mustangs, Ford was also able to increase the engines compression ratio from 11.0:1 to 12.0:1, which will also help to improve power and fuel economy. Rumor has it the new 5.0 will put down an impressive 455 horsepower, but numbers haven’t been confirmed yet.

10 Gears and Twin Discs

Ford also worked hard to increase efficiency and drivability behind the engine as well. Complementing the upgraded power plant is an all new 10-speed automatic that boasts smoother, faster shifting and more robust internals. Ford claims the new 10R80 transmission is able to handle more power than the older 6R80 transmission. Manual transmission fans aren’t left behind, as Ford has completely revamped the MT82 transmission. A newly redesigned transmission shouldn’t be without a new clutch design, so Ford has introduced a twin-disc clutch and a dual mass flywheel for the MT82. These updates should make shifting the MT82 a breeze, enhancing shift performance and helping the Mustang gallop to higher speeds in a shorter amount of time.

2011-2017 GT Mustang Twin Disc Clutch for Up to 1200hp
1200hp Twin Disc Clutch for 2011-2017 GTs

Applying the Power Effectively

All the power in the world is useless if you're unable to get it to the ground, so Ford is now offering magnetic shocks as an option on all S550s. The magnetic dampers will improve handling to help the S550 put it’s power to the ground more effectively. The magnetic shocks will also help Mustang owners dial in their ride, softening the ride for road trips or firming it up when its time to hit the backroads.

Ford has been busy for the last few years working on a slew of improvements for the Coyote engine and the S550 chassis. Along with all the performance upgrades, they’ve also brought a host of appearance upgrades as well. The front end has been re-styled and new LED lights will be standard, along with a new spoiler and tons of new wheel and paint options for the S550. The 2018 Mustang is sure to be the best Mustang made to date!

2018 Mustang GT Rear End
2018 GT Rear End
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