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How to Install a 4.6L Intake Plenum Cover on your 2005-2010 Mustang GT

Installation Time

15 minutes


Step 1: Locate the ground strap coming out of the cowl above the intake plenum, and bend it downward.

Step 2: Locate the wiring harness that runs along the passenger side of the intake plenum and detach it from the vertical bracket at the front of the intake plenum.

Step 3: Detach the wiring harness and rubber tube attaching clips from the studs at each side at the rear of the intake plenum and twist them away from the studs so they don't interfere with the plenum cover when it is installed. *See note below.

Step 4: Remove the two top throttle body mounting hex bolts and replace them with the appropriate studs supplied with the new plenum cover. If you are lucky enough to already have studs installed, use them-as is.

Step 5: Before placing the plenum cover onto the intake plenum manifold, take a moment to look at the way this plenum cover is attached to the front of the throttle body. While holding the rear of the plenum cover at a slight upward angle, slide the two front grommeted mounts onto the throttle body studs you've just installed, and at the rear by carefully aligning the (2) grommeted posts over the (2) studs at the rear end of either side of the intake manifold. Use all caution to ensure that the (2) grommeted posts are started onto the rear studs before pressing the rear of the plenum cover down firmly into position.

Step 6: Install the two included 8mm nuts on the throttle body studs, tighten and your installation is complete.

*Note: If the new Plenum Cover is to be used without the NXT Generation Fuel Rail Cover, install one of the spacer/washers on each of the two studs at this time. If you are using the NXT Generation Fuel Rail Covers, you will not need to use the spacer/washers.

CAUTION: The use of harsh de greasers and/or pressure washers may damage the finish on this product and will void any warranty, adjustments or return of this product.