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aFe Cold Air Intakes, Exhausts, & Parts

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aFe Cold Air Intakes, Exhausts, & Parts

Enhance the performance of your vehicle by investing in an AFE cold air intake to make your engine more efficient. A cold air intake is an upgrade to the engine compartment that delivers more dense oxygen to your engine for more power production. AFE is well-known for creating capable intakes that make significant upgrades over stock components in most vehicles. It's not always obvious why you should invest in a cold air intake, though, or which one you should get. Learn more about intakes in general and how to choose the right cold air intake product down below. This information will help you improve your vehicle as much as possible and could give you better performance results than you might expect.

Select Effective AFE Cold Air Intake Components

There are many varieties of AFE cold air intake components to choose from for small and large engines, and each delivers a boost in performance. These components work by improving the airflow pathway through your vehicle's engine bay and to the cylinders for combustion. The best intakes are designed using sophisticated CAD techniques for smooth-flow pathways. Many high-quality components are fitted with heat shields to keep incoming air cooler and more effective overall. Add an AFE intake to your ride and:

  • Boost engine performance
  • Bring colder air to your engine
  • Increase the durability of your ride
  • Customize your vehicle further

AFE parts are known for their precision craftsmanship and install easily. An AFE intake will fit just as well as a stock intake on most vehicles, making it quick and easy to install. Car or truck owners looking to upgrade their ride simply will appreciate how easy it is to put one of these parts on. They only install easily when they are properly matched to your vehicle, though. Each AFE intake is designed to fit a specific model and year of the vehicle. These components must be matched to specific engine variations, which means that you must choose your upgrade component with care when finally making the purchase.

The Right AFE Cold Air Intake is Long Lasting

A well-made intake won't just make your vehicle more powerful but will last longer than a stock component will. AFE cold air intake varieties are offered with dry or oiled filters, and they are designed to bring cleaner air into your engine for long-term performance. These components are made from thick plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and other tough materials. They are protected by multi-year warranties and designed to continue performing many years after installation. Finding the right cold air intake for your vehicle isn't simple to do, but by making the ideal upgrade to your ride, you will increase its power, performance, and overall longevity too. Intakes are affordable upgrades when compared to something more sophisticated like a turbocharger, and they work well with other intake and exhaust system enhancements. The trick to making the most of these improvements is to add them alongside other enhancements at the same time to create a significant upgrade for your vehicle. When a properly selected cold air intake is added to your ride, it will increase the power of your vehicle without changing many other aspects of your ride. Some intakes are designed to upgrade the style of your engine bay as well, but you'll have to decide if that's important to you or not. Many owners opt for pure performance upgrades, while others will spend a bit more to enhance the appearance of their ride as well. Either way, a good intake will change the way your car feels to drive, and things get even more interesting when you add additional improvements such as a tuner chip alongside this enhancement.