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Performance Series Harmonic Balancer (05-10 GT)

Installation Time

2 hours

American Muscle
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Inspect crankshaft snout, crankshaft keyway and key for wear or damage and repair prior to fitting your new Romac balancer. Do not force or hit the balancer to install it as accuracy will be lost. Make sure you are using the correct counterweight or neutral style of balancer for your application. Do not drill holes in the outer ring when balancing, use the additional holes supplied in the inner hub for Mallory metal or attend to the inner hub or crankshaft or flywheel or flexplate, never the outer ring. It must remain Neutral at all times.

For all Balancers using larger seals, please check clearance in the timing cover as you may need to modify.

NOTE: Prior to fitting the 0235 Balancer please check the clearance of the old balancer as the new Romac Balancer is .200" longer than the OE Balancer.

Position the balancer onto the crankshaft aligning the balancer keyway and crankshaft key by sight before attempting to install the balancer. Place a light amount of lubricant or NeverSeize on the shaft and balancer bore to prevent galling during installation. Use correct installation tools. Make sure all keys are fully seated in their respective keyways and sitting flat at the top of the key external of the crankshaft. Make sure the key is not too tall and cannot interfere with the balancer's keyway depth.

Romac balancers should be a slight interference fit onto the crankshaft matching the factory shaft diameter or with a plus tolerance of .0005". If a looser fit occurs then it may be an Eagle crankshaft is being used which is .001" under factory snout sizes. Romac produces balancers with undersize bores to suit such applications. Undersize balancer bores are indicated after the Part Number. For P/N 0202 - 001 is a replacement Chevrolet 7" 6.20") actual diameter) balancer with a .001" smaller bore diameter. Romac also produce balancer bores .005" under for preferential honing.

Draw the Romac balancer onto the crankshaft using a harmonic balancer installation tool. If an installation tool is not available then use a suitable bolt of correct thread and length in connection with a plate or similar device to advance the balancer far enough onto the crankshaft keeping the force applied on the inner hub only, until the factory bolt and washer can complete the installation.

If your crankshaft is not drilled and tapped then do so as no warranty will be implied if the balancer is not bolted onto the crankshaft. For example, Holden Six's require a 7/16" UNC bolt or socket head of 1.5" long. Drill size is 23/64" or 9.4 mm drilled and tapped just deep enough so as the bolt will not bottom out.

Use the factory bolt to tension the balancer to the shaft. If accessories are to be fitted to the harmonic balancer, then secure these by individual bolts to the inner hub where threads are provided. These threads are usually for balancer removal. Do not use one long bolt for an entire assembly of stacked parts. It will come undone eventually.

Do not lever against the outer ring or band of the balancer, to install or remove it. Romac do not bond or glue the outer ring onto the inner hub. Bonding intensifies the hardness of the elastomer reducing the ability to absorb engine harmonics quickly.

V belts may have to be selected for length and width if not compatible to factory belts. Romac suggest not running V belts on the actual harmonic balancer if it can be avoided. Aftermarket products are available to run the water pump and alternator from performance outlets.

Romac timing marks are reference only and should always be verified against Top Dead Centre TDC.

All Romac balancers are completely serviceable by trained Romac personnel.
NOTE: It is recommended that a keyway is inserted into the crankshaft of all LS series engines
NOTICE: Romac Balancers that have been installed are NOT RETURNABLE. No balancers with scratches or blemishes will be accepted for return. Balancers that are returned MUST be packaged properly. Balancers with SFI codes must be returned with the SFI sticker .

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