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How to install a Bassani Axle-Back Exhaust on your 2005-2009 GT Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

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Installation instructions:

1. Raise and support vehicle.

2. Loosen band clamps retaining stock mufflers to over-axle pipes.

3. Remove fasteners retaining muffler hangers to bottom of vehicle.

4. Remove mufflers with hangers attached from over-axle pipes and remove from vehicle.

5. Cut or chisel muffler index lugs from outlet end of factory over-axle pipes.

6. Loosen clamps attaching over-axle pipes to outlets of factory H/X pipe.

7. Remove hangers from stock mufflers and install on Bassani/BX mufflers in the same corresponding positions.

8. Position supplied clamps over inlets of supplied mufflers and install onto outlets of vehicle overaxle pipes.

9. Re-attach hangers to bottom of vehicle with previously removed stock fasteners.

10. Align mufflers for best fit and tighten clamps on mufflers.

11. Equalize protrusion of tips from under rear valance by sliding mufflers/mid-pipes in or out of clamps at cross-over pipe connection as needed; tighten clamps

12. Refer to included supplemental alignment instructions for additional information.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and Submodels: Bullitt, GT, GT500