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How To Install a BBK 85mm Throttle for your 2011-2014 GT Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • 8mm, 13mm socket
  • Ratchet
  • extension
  • Screwdriver
  • 5mm allen wrench
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1. Remove the negative terminal on the battery by loosening the 8mm bolt. 

2. Remove the four 13mm nuts on strut tower bar and remove, if equipped. The engine cover will lift off the engine. 

3. Remove the breather tube and sound tube from the intake. 

4. Remove the intake tube from the throttle body and airbox. 

5. Remove the throttle position sensor clip from the stock throttle body. This is done by pulling the red tab back, then the harness will easily slide off. 

6. Remove the four 8mm bolts holding the stock throttle body on the intake manifold. Clean the stock manifold gasket, it will be reused. 

7. Install the new throttle body using the supplied allen head bolts. If you want to torque them, torque them to 89 in/lbs in an ‘X’ pattern. 

8. Plug the TPS harness into the new throttle body. 

9. Reinstall the intake tube, breather and sound tube. 

10. Reinstall the engine cover and strut tower bar. 

11. Reconnect the negative terminal. 

12. Optional: Use this strategy to reset the idle: 

Set the parking brake and place vehicle in PARK (automatic) or NEUTRAL (manual) Turn off all accessories and start the engine Let the engine get to normal operating temperature Turn the A/C on and idle for one minute Drive the car normally for about 10 miles 

This strategy resets idle trim. The car will re-learn idle trim if you skip this step, but it may take a bit longer. 

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Matt Hart 05.03.2014