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How to install a BBK 85mm Throttle Body 2011-2012 GT Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 8, 10, 13mm sockets
  • ratchet
  • 5mm allen wrench
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You will be reusing the stock throttle body gasket.

STEP 1 Disconnect negative battery cable.

STEP 2 Remove strut tower brace.

STEP 3 Remove engine cover by pulling up on it to release it’s mounting pins from the grommets on the intake manifold. Fig. 1

STEP 4 Disconnect the smaller plastic breather tube from the air inlet tube. You can leave the sound tube connected. Fig. 2

STEP 5 Loosen the clamps on the air inlet tube at the air box and the throttle body.

STEP 6 Remove air inlet tube and set aside. Fig. 3

STEP 7 Remove the four mounting bolts from the stock throttle body, as you remove the throttle body, flip it to unplug the motor plug on the bottom. Fig. 4

STEP 8 Wipe off stock rubber throttle body gasket to remove any oil or debris. You will be reusing this gasket. Fig. 5

STEP 9 Connect motor plug to BBK throttle body and install onto intake manifold. Use supplied bolts to secure BBK throttle body.

STEP 10 Reinstall the air inlet tube and reconnect breather tube. Tighten clamps. Fig. 6

STEP 11 Reinstall the engine cover’s pins onto the grommets and push down to secure.

STEP 12 Reinstall the strut tower brace and tighten the nuts.

STEP 13 Reconnect negative battery cable.

Fig. 1 Removing engine cover to access throttle body.

Fig. 2 Remove smaller breather tube. Larger sound tube can stay connected.

Fig. 3 Set air inlet tube aside, out of the way.

Fig. 4 Disconnect throttle body motor control plug. Slide red tab out, then push on black tab.